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Approaching a new high, should you continue to hold Polkadot?

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1 year ago
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Polkadot's performance in the past two days is quite brilliant, from the lowest of 4.9 to the highest of 6.82 this morning, which is close to the previous high, with an increase of more than 35%, completely breaking the previous declining trend of falling but not rising.

In October, there were only 48706 polkadots in the top 1000 Polkadot asset list. By the end of December, the number of positions had increased to 70850, with an increase of more than 40%.

What does that mean?

When you sell Polkadot, many people have quietly bought the Polkadot you gave up.

From the perspective of lock volume, only 4 of the 15 people in the figure have not frozen dot. So choosing to freeze means being optimistic about Polkadot for a long time. After all, it takes 28 days for Polkadot to unlock.

October 10 Polkadot asset list

December 28 Polkadot asset list

From the comparison of Polkadot's lock volume and unlock volume in recent months, it is obvious that the lock volume is much higher than the unlock volume, which shows that the circulation in the market is slowly decreasing.

Judging from the simple law of supply and demand, the price of dot is bound to rise.

On Christmas Eve, Polkadot team officially announced Polkadot's parallel chain test online line.

The launch of Polkadot test network is related to the launch time of Polkadot's core slot auction.

Polkadot official has said: the parallel chain slot can be ready to go online at any time when the technology permits.

This series of actions are undoubtedly telling the market: Polkadot is going to start to work!

This has gradually focused the market's attention on Polkadot.

Just yesterday morning, Kelvin Koh, a former partner of Goldman Sachs, also tweeted his bold prediction on the encryption industry, including that Polkadot's market value will enter the top five.

So, hold on to Polkadot? The answer is yes.

Let's wait and see next year's parallel chain slot auction.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
Topics: Polkadot, ETH, Defi, Blockchain, Ethereum, ...
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