Anger And It's Destructive Effect

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8 months ago

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured."

- Mark Twain

Is it really normal for someone get mad or angry? Yes it is! We all feel angry from time to time - it is part of our human emotions. It is normal for us to get mad in a certain point of our lives.

What is anger?

Anger is a negative emotions that can easier to feel and see. It can lead to negative thoughts and behaviour that can cause a negative outcome when unproperly manage.

We often feel this negative feeling when we are ignored, insulted or disrespected. There are so many things that can cause anger around us because of the selfishness and indifference prevailing today. Several people are experiencing injustice that can lead to this resentment. When it gets out of control it turn destructive and treacherous.

What are the effect of uncontrolled anger?

Mark Twain mentioned, it's like an acid that can do harm to vessel or in other word to our selves. In medical study an anger outburst can cause a great risk in the heart that may lead to high blood pressure to stroke. Also, it can cause mental issues like anxiety and depression.

Aside of health risks, anger can cause a harmful effect in our behaviour towards others. It can be an obstacle or hindrance in showing care and love. Furthermore, anger can also lead to difficulties in developing good human qualities.

"Anger doesn't solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything."

- Thomas S. Monson

Inappropriate anger promote unhealthy relationship. It can accelerate to physical abuse. It can generate disintegration. Uncontrolled anger can lead to castigations or verbal insults, and often ends harming us and those around us. The worst case scenario, we may live full of pain, sorrow, and distress.


Therefore, what can we learn about this? It's better to control anger. Remember, it may cause negative effect which we may regret in the end. Human emotion is part of us, but we need to manage it properly.

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September 3, 2022

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