Nikola Tesla's best friend

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The friendship between Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain was one of the most intriguing in history. One was a great scientist. Another great writer. Apart from genius, there was something else that connected them - they were both dreamers.

When the magazine "Century" published an article in 1895 dedicated to the experiments of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla with alternating current, many were surprised by the appearance of another famous person in Tesla's laboratory. Demonstrating the discoveries of the Yugoslav scientist, several paintings clearly showed the famous American writer Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Only a small number of people knew that these two great visionaries had had a very close relationship and sincere friendship for years. When Nikola Tesla arrived in America in 1884, Twain was already a respected author. The two geniuses met in 1889 at a New York gentlemen's club they both visited. According to some sources today, their friendship began after Tesla used his oscillator to help Twain on a rather intimate issue.

Namely, the writer had problems with digestion for a long time, and Nikola Tesla thought that he could help him. He called him to his lab and told him to stand on the platform while he started his high-frequency oscillator. About 90 seconds, according to the story, Twain ran to the toilet, writes the portal "History buff". We don't know if this Tesla's somewhat unconventional method of treatment helped Twain, but after this, their friendship flourished. Tesla described Twain as the first person to inspire him upon his arrival in America and truly understand him. The Yugoslav scientist was invited to the wedding of Twain's daughter Klara in the fall of 1909, and the writer was a welcome guest in Nikola Tesla's laboratory.

Mark Twain died on April 21, 1910, while Nikola Tesla outlived him by more than three decades. Six years after the death of the famous writer, his last novel "The Mysterious Stranger" was published. In it, Twain described an angel descending from heaven to a small Austrian village to teach a group of boys the secrets of the world. In this character and the discoveries that many are talking about, they still recognize Nikola Tesla and his Smiljan.

Nikola Tesla died poor and in debt. Official records state that the death occurred on January 7, 1943 at 10:30 p.m. He was 87 years old and had hundreds of patents and inventions that brought him fame but not wealth. Yet there were those who remembered the great scientist after his death. Over 2,000 people attended Tesla's funeral. In the procession that flowed towards the funeral hall of Madison Avenue for two days, there were statesmen, public figures, Nobel laureates, but also hundreds of ordinary, small people who admired the genius whose findings made their lives easier. The commemoration was broadcast by Radio New York, and all the leading newspapers published articles about the "departure of genius".

Speech by the Mayor of New York, Fiorel La Guardia, at the commemoration of Nikola Tesla on January 10, 1943:

Mass was held on January 10 in the Cathedral of St. John the Theologian in Manhattan. The coffin was covered with the American and Yugoslav flags. At Tesla's request, he was accompanied by music. He was looking for two songs - Schubert's composition "Ave Maria" and, for the end, "Far Away". This is evidenced by the sound recording that has been preserved to this day in the New York archives. The Yugoslav song, which reminded the scientist of a distant homeland, was played by Tesla's friend, violinist Zlatko Balaković, accompanied by the "Slovan" choir. The body of the scientist was cremated after this.

Authentic recording of Nikola Tesla's funeral and sound recording of the song "Tamo daleko" played by violinist Zlatko Balaković at the commemoration:

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