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Whether or not you are infected with Coronavirus ,Top 3 signals last is ignored by many people 

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We should continue to be highly vigilant about the possibility of infection with the Coronavirus.

When these three signals appear in the body, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible:


The most significant manifestation of infection with the new coronavirus is fever, which is usually above 37.3 ° C. Be sure to be alert when the temperature exceeds this temperature, and go to the relevant hospital for a hot clinic as soon as possible.

However, a few cases of fever have been found. These cases have had a history of living and traveling in the epidemic area or have been in close contact with patients.

Therefore, no matter whether there is a fever or not, as long as you live and travel in the affected area and are in close contact with the patient, you must take quarantine measures.

2.Dry cough

Coronavirus  infects the respiratory tract and causes respiratory symptoms . Dry cough is another significant manifestation.

Mostly, there is little or no sputum. As the disease worsens, the patient's dry cough will continue to increase.

However, not all cases have symptoms of dry cough, which is related to the different autoimmune capabilities of everyone.

Therefore, during the epidemic, dry cough accompanied by fever must be vigilant and seek medical isolation and treatment as soon as possible, especially those who have lived in the affected area and have a history of contact with patients.


After the patient is infected with the new crown virus, the virus invades the human body, the human immune system is activated, and immune cells kill the Coronavirus . During this period, a large amount of energy is consumed and the body temperature will rise accordingly.

As a result, the patient will experience signs of weakness, which is also one of the common manifestations of Coronavirus  infection.

However, not all patients suffer from weakness.

Therefore, we must pay attention to our own abnormalities in daily life, especially those who live and travel in epidemic areas and those who have had close contact with patients .

The above are the three common symptoms of Coronavirus  infection. Most of them will appear after infection. In some cases, these symptoms do not appear, or the symptoms are not obvious.

Some cases are accompanied by nasal congestion, sore throat, diarrhea, and runny nose .

In order to avoid infection, the following 4 things..

1.Wear a mask

The main route of transmission of the Coronavirus  is air droplets . Correctly wearing a mask can protect your mouth and nose, block the direct entrance of air droplets, and cause infection.

However, it should be noted that not all masks will play an effective role, and the effects of ordinary masks are not significant, and medical masks should be worn .

If you need to go to a high-risk place , such as a hospital, you need to wear a surgical mask or N95 mask , which can better reduce the chance of infection.

2.Wash your hands frequently

Another way in which the Coronavirus  spreads is through sexual transmission.

No matter we go out or return, we avoid unfavorable contact with some foreign objects, including our own clothing. Any item may be the carrier of the virus parasite.

So "wash your hands frequently" can effectively reduce the virus invading our body.

3.More ventilation

Many people think that more ventilation will allow the virus to enter the home.

actually not.

Coronavirus does not survive long in the air. At present, the most important route of infection is contact with people and air droplets.

If the doors and windows are closed tightly, the indoor air quality will deteriorate, and pathogens will be bred over time , which will endanger human health, so more ventilation is also important.

4. Don't eat wild animals

Wild animals may carry the Coronavirus , and there is not only a new Coronavirus  in wild animals, but also Ebola, Marburg virus, rabies virus, etc., which are all serious viruses.


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Written by   77
1 year ago
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If you follow all the precautions prescribed by doctors and world health organizations, you will not be infected by this corona

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