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Sweat is equal to detox? Reminder: sweating in these two situations may not be a good thing!

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6 months ago

People in America are passionate about keeping in good health. Once talking about keeping in good health, it is estimated that everyone can keep flowing.

And in America health circle, there is another feature: it seems that everyone has problems, inexhaustible moisture, endless kidneys, and endless toxins.

And many people sweat, in fact, they think sweating can eliminate toxins in the body.

Those endless detox products and detox projects on the market

In the past two years, the project of detoxification has appeared on the market as a bamboo shoot. Whether you go to a beauty salon, a gym, or even a public bathroom, you can see various items of "detoxification", and many other enzymes have appeared , Clear juice, various kinds of herbal tea and other drinks that can claim to detox.

At present, there is also a very popular detox product on the market, which is a portable steam sauna box for household use. It meets those who want to detox but don't have time to go outside and take care of it.

This product is capable of sweating and detoxifying, and can also remove dampness and pain.

Can sweating really detox?

I believe that people who have tried detoxification have either experienced diarrhea or tried sweating, and these are all called "detoxification" without exception.

Some people may be curious, can sweating detox? What kind of toxins does sweating and detox emit?

Sweating does not necessarily mean detoxification . Sweating is just that the water in our body is discharged from the sweat glands. Sweating and detoxification is simply a statement made by businesses in order to make money.

In fact, after exercise or high temperature, the human body needs to lower some temperature to adapt, so it sweats and cools the body from the high temperature through the evaporation of water. In other words, sweating is not a detox, it's just a way for the body to regulate its temperature.

Under normal circumstances, the human body has five major detox organs, which are the intestine, liver and gallbladder, lymph, kidney and skin .

The human body is not as fragile as you think. The human skin system, respiratory system, and digestive system can all act as defense lines. The human body naturally has a good way to deal with it.

Even if there is really "poison" entering the body, the immune system can well eliminate it, and waste products metabolized by the body can be filtered through the liver or kidneys. Therefore, even in the absence of major illnesses, the major systems of the human body can complete anti-virus, detoxification, and detoxification processes.

And those sweating, exhaling, and defecation are no way to achieve the effect you want to "detox" , even if you breathe more and sweat more.

Excessive sweating may even have a certain effect on the body

In fact, most of our bodies are hydrated, and sweat is basically hydrated, about 99%, and the other ingredients are less than 1%. This 1% has less toxins in it.

Such small and negligible doses have no effect on the body.

In addition, sweating more, especially artificial stimulation to sweating is not necessarily a good thing, and sometimes it will cause some bad effects on the body:

First, dehydration

If you sweat a lot, if you don't replenish the water in time, it may cause dehydration. In fact, people will feel tired when they are dehydrated, but sometimes people will not pay attention, so they may become unconscious and endanger their health.

Second, skin infections

Sweat contains some trace elements such as sodium, which can be irritating to the skin.

When we sweat, our pores open, and the entire body is in a humid and warm environment. It is easy to cause bacteria to breed , which can cause skin allergies and even infection , especially when the body has a wound.

For those who like steam saunas or those who use these home steam sauna boxes, sweating is equivalent to sweat touching the skin repeatedly. Substances that are more irritating to the skin can hurt the skin or even cause skin inflammation.

Sweating is not necessarily a good thing, pay attention to excessive sweating

Excessive sweating during stress and anxiety, excessive sweating during meals, excessive sweating in necks, underarms and other parts, and some children also sweat excessively during sleep ...

If these do not affect normal life, it is normal.

However, there are two cases of sweating that require more attention. We need to go to the hospital for an examination when necessary.

The first case:

Sweating is accompanied by fever. In this case, it is very likely that you have a fever. You need to add more water to prevent dehydration . The other is to seek medical treatment in time to avoid serious consequences.

The second case:

Excessive sweating at night, can penetrate the quilt, this is diaphoretic sweating .

If this happens, it may be caused by some diseases, such as some infectious diseases and diseases of the nervous system, and it may also be the manifestation of tumors, which need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.

In fact, our body does not have too many toxins to exclude from the body. In many cases, the so-called detoxification is just to complete the body's metabolism.

The detoxification of our organs is already ongoing, which means that some waste that the human body cannot digest and absorb is discharged from the body.

Such as uremia, uric acid, inorganic salts and excess protein, and food residues .It is not difficult to see that sweating can not achieve the purpose of detoxification, nor is it a way to detoxify. On the contrary, excessive sweating will cause a burden on the body.

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Written by   36
6 months ago
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Good article. I'll admit, when I hopped into today I didn't expect to be reading an article about sweat. But look at us now!! I don't like my sweat. When I am stressed it is a different type of sweat and even has a different smell.

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