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Numb hands? Reminder: Don't be careless! 

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5 months ago

People with frequent numbness need to be alert to 3 diseases 

If you keep an action for a long time or press your hand under a heavy object for a long time, hand tingling will occur. Hand tingling often occurs in daily life. Many people will encounter hand tingling. The reasons for hand tingling are Many, but some people worry that hand numbness is a signal of the body, reminding the body of a disease, so what is the disease that hand numbness should be alert to?


Diabetes is one of the causes of numbness in the hands, because the rise in blood sugar levels can cause lesions in the nervous tissue, and many diabetic patients will find their hands and feet feel numb, and there will be some complications as the disease progresses The harm to the human body is relatively large, so we must strictly control blood sugar, monitor blood glucose levels regularly, prevent diabetes, and avoid complications.


Stroke is a very common disease. After a stroke, physical activity will be restricted, and some stroke patients will experience symptoms of limb numbness. At this time, it is necessary to strictly control blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose and other indicators to prevent Other complications occurred.


Neuritis is a relatively common disease. Many patients have symptoms of numbness in their hands, and some patients may experience numbness in their hands. At this time, patients need to take nerve drugs to relieve their symptoms.

However, when hand numbness appears for a long time, it is necessary to be vigilant whether the above three symptoms occur, and when hand numbness appears, the following several ways can be used for remission.

Hot pack

Relaxing the muscles by hot compress can relieve the tingling of the hands. In the daily life, the tingling of the hands can be relieved by hot compressing with a towel. In general, tingling of the tingling can be relieved by hot compress Situation.

Needle with blade

Because the numbness of the hand may be caused by some prominent pressure, the incision and cutting of the needle with a blade can reduce the local pressure and no longer press the nerves of the hand, so as to heal the numbness of the hand.

It is important to pay attention when hand tingling occurs, it is most likely caused by disease. Of course, some people have hand tingling, which may be caused by taking some drugs or highlighting the compression of nerves. At this time, pay attention to it. If you are too worried, you can go to the hospital for an examination to check the related neurology or blood sugar, so that you can determine if the hand is numb due to the disease.

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Written by   36
5 months ago
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Interesting Article. I surely will note down symptoms carefully

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5 months ago