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How much do you know about neurasthenia? 3 reasons cause neurasthenia

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5 months ago

Nowadays people's pace of life is particularly fast, and the pressure of competition is also high. People are struggling to pursue higher living standards every day. Young people are old and young, and young people are studying hard every day in order to have a good future. For these reasons, many people have problems with the nervous system, and more and more patients with the disease, neurasthenia.

So what are the specific causes of neurasthenia? Many patients are very concerned about this problem, hoping to be able to prescribe the right medicine, cure their illness as soon as possible, and be better invested in work and life.

1.Lack of sleep

Due to busy work, many people often stay up late. Over a long period of time, there will be symptoms of depression and weakness. It will also reduce the body's immunity and prevent disease. Then it is easy to cause diseases such as dizziness and headache. Once suffering from neurasthenia, it will severely affect the use of the brain. Usually, in daily life, it will often feel muddy, the brain is not functioning, etc., and cannot properly handle work and life affairs, affecting people's normal life. Therefore, it is recommended that young people should not stay up late, because not only will it not improve your work efficiency, but it will slow down your work speed, bring a lot of loss to the work, and gain more than you pay.

2. Character is too introverted

People who are too introverted are more likely to get neurotic diseases, because this disease has a lot to do with their emotions. People basically have a lot of psychological pressure in their work and life, but extroverts like to release their depressed emotions, let others know, help themselves to relieve their emotions, and do not suppress themselves. But introverts like to keep things in their hearts, and are unwilling to let others know or don't want to increase the burden on others. This will increase their psychological burden, make them feel unlovable, and lose interest in life.

3. Malnutrition

Neurasthenia is also closely related to the nutritional status of the human body. Some are because the family's economic conditions are not good enough to allow the family to eat well, and some are because the child has a habit of picky eaters, and parents do not give timely corrections. People usually need to eat a variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and so on. Only by ensuring the comprehensiveness of the diet can the body guarantee normal physiological functions and the brain can perform its functions normally.

To sum up, there are roughly three causes of neurological diseases, and I believe that it will be of great help to patients after reading it. Patients can be treated for their condition. If you are not sick, you must pay attention to prevention in your daily life, take care of yourself, and you will have a good future with a healthy body.

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Written by   36
5 months ago
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