I miss my Grandfather

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6 months ago

It was when I was 5 years old that I will wake up early in the morning to greet my grandfather a kiss and a hug. It became my morning routine back then to try and wake up early to hear some stories from him. My grandfather loves spooky stories and would tell me all about them. He said that one time he saw a half horse and half human which in the Philippines is also known as the "tikbalang". He also told me a lot about ghosts, particularly known in our country as "white lady". He would tell me all of those stories while he's doing his work. He is a sculptor, by the way.

I can also tell him about my worries and he will just listen. Honestly, people see my grandfather as a scary person, but for me he is the sweetest. He really cares for me and it was appreciated. But in the end, everyone has to go. He eventually got sick, and said his final goodbye. Until this day, I still miss you, Lolo. I hope you are fine wherever you are.

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