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Do you know who the heart is closed?

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3 months ago

"Do you know who the heart is closed too?"

Tears start falling tip by tip eyes _

"Amrah" ...... Grandpa trembled

"I have to know, grandpa! Who says to be closed, 'you have to tell'

"When there is no problem with my life, my baby, _" grandpa had to speak

"Who is dearest to organ?"

"You're sweet to know me. forgive you" His voice trembled.

"Hahahaha.. disgusting Grandpa's heart does not stop when he is in pain with love. 'this heart starts to stop when someone gets rid of love.

When he turns away from himself. suddenly When he slaps on the mouth and when he slaps When he says, "go from today you die for me."

And would like to know what happens When he says this, he wants to die The heart wants to put a hand in the throat and pull the breath and cut off their relationship with life.

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