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2 years ago

The other day I tried to get my free BAND on Coinbase, but was told I was ineligible. Needless to say, I was not happy about that. I was checking the price today out of curiosity, and you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I clicked the link and was sent to the quiz! Yay!

Perfect... I converted the BAND I had bought a while back into Ether when I saw a peak/trough opportunity last month and turned a profit, but still had some investors' remorse after I read about the recent widespread adoption. Having some again is somewhat comforting. Or as comforting as that $3 can be 😂

Just getting my referral link out there before everyone else and their mom figure out that the quiz is live. Hey, for a shot at an extra $40 in BAND, that's not a bad deal.

Less than good news is: The BAND you get from Coinbase is still wrapped in the ERC-20 protocol, so you can't stake it on any platform I'm aware of. Oh, well. You can trade it if you want.

The quiz is easy. If you miss a question then I'm less noob than you 😉

Here's that referral link one more time, in the flesh:

Smell ya later


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