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Superhit NFT sales of the Animated Cat Show, 'Stoner Cats’ on the Ethereum Blockchain

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3 months ago

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 Humans are crazy for animated talking cats on Blockchain

 Being a pet cat of a crypto person is hard, because our crypto loving parents keep finding ways to fit us into their crypto world. The point is, I am no animated cat existing as a NFT in Blockchain to entertain you crypto enthusiasts. I am a real cat that cannot talk.

 The Stoner Cats series got sold as a NFT in the Ethereum Blockchain

Yes, Stoner Cats, features animated cats, developed by Mila Kunis’s Orchard Farm Productions. One of the cat characters here, Lord Catsington, has been voiced by Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin himself which obviously had crypto enthusiasts get interested in this cat show series.

Mila Kunis’s crew made use of the Ethereum Blockchain to market Stoner Cats, which highlights an interesting use case of Blockchain as well.

Stoner Cats was sold as a NFT, where buyers had to mint the NFT tokens at the Stoner Cats’ website with the cost of each NFT being 0.35 ETH that amounted to 800$ at the time the series was getting sold on July 28th. A total of 10,420 NFTs were available for sale and all of them got sold out in 35 meow-nutes!!

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 Definite profit with these NFT sales with ETH prices rising up since then

The proceeds from all these Stoner Cats NFT sales amounted to around 8 million dollars, with the price of Ethereum being about 2,300$ at that time when all these sales happened(July 28th) .

ETH prices are appreciating since it's price when Stoner Cats NFTs were sold, yielding profits to Mila Kunis’s production crew

A nice profit for Mila Kunis Production crew for sure, as Ethereum is picking up in price since then nicely with expectations that ETH would explode up in price soon!!

With ETH poised to experience upward vertical price movements, it is profits for the Stoner Cats crew who sold the series as NFTs for 0.35 ETH

Ha… so there was so much demand by humans to watch animated cats in action, while I watched real humans in action watching the Olympic games this weekend with my Mom. Ironic…

Humans watch animated cats in action while real cats watch real humans in action

 Stoner Cats Show’s is so co-relationed with Ethereum

 Anyway, those buyers who succeeded in buying the Stoner Cats NFT would have lifetime access to watch the Stoner Cats series. They can watch the Stoner Cats episodes after connecting their metamask wallet to the Stoner Cats website.

Stoner Cats NFT hodlers can watch the show connecting their metamask wallet to Stoner Cats website.

Vitalik Buterin is the voice of cat Lord Catsington in Stoner CatsVitalik Buterin is the voice of cat Lord Catsington in Stoner Cats

My Mom is a big fan of Vitalik Buterin but not in love with the kid(for her), so she was not inclined to buy that NFT just to hear Vitalik Buterin’s voice in that animated cat character Lord Catsington(: …

Vitalik Buterin is the voice of cat Lord Catsington in Stoner Cats

Ah… One can wonder why the Ethereum Blockchain was used for this NFT sales, as surely NFT sales can happen in Polygon or Solana, at least the fees for making those Stoner Cats NFT purchases would not have added up much to the price of 0.35 ETH of that NFT.




 The ETH Gas Bloating phenomenon took place yet again

There were people who could not get their hands on these Stoner Cats NFT, as ETH fees bloated up and their ETH transaction fees did not match up to the spiked up ETH gas fees resulting in failed transactions.

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This scenario is very familiar to us, where many of us had experienced failed Ethereum transactions because we did not pay enough Ethereum gas fees as it suddenly rises up to insane levels when the Network is facing heavy congestion.

When the purchase of the Stoner Cats NFT took place, Ethereum gas fees spiked to as much as 600 Gwei that’s about 30$ and many people had lost ETH in transaction fees on their failed transactions.

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A total of 344.6 ETH fees(700$ k) got spent on failed transactions, with those unfortunate people not succeeding to make the purchase of the Stoner Cats NFT.

 Smart investors who brought Stoner Cats NFT to sell it at a big profit!!

There will also be the smart crypto people who manage to make money out of their NFT purchases, with the NFTs they purchased of the popular characters of the Stoner Cats being sold for a good rate on secondary NFT markets like OpenSea!!!

Well, its time for my afternoon Nap so goodbye, see you readers in another post, either talking about real cats or animated cats of the Blockchain world!!

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3 months ago
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