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Double Delight flavoured parenthood themed Birthday greeting card for a new Mother...

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1 month ago
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Parenthood changes things. This year my brother got to experience parenthood, and he celebrated his first birthday as a father with the addition of 2 little members to his family. I designed this birthday greeting card for him and wrote about it in this article.

Birthday greetings designed for my brother this year


 First birthday as a mother for my sis-in- law


Now, as the year is ending, my sis-in-law just had her birthday and this is a special birthday for her too because this is the first birthday of her as a mother. As said, parenthood changes one’s life, especially motherhood. It was time for me to design a birthday card for her, with the main theme being the joys of parenthood for her.

 Heart melting movements for parents as babies respond to them with love


The stars of her eyes as it’s for my brother are their two babies, whose personality is getting interesting as they grow and respond to things. Already, they show a lot of love and longing for their parents, with them smiling and reaching out their hands when a parent comes to greet them. They also pretend to cry when left alone in their cradle, just to have a parent come over and take them in their arms.

When picked up, the babies stay silent and absolutely content, showing their longing and love for parents. The babies also talk in baby style in their wordless baby language.

All these are melting parents’ hearts literally, and this love and joy is binding them, making them energised and eager to care for their lovely babies, however intensive that task is!!

They have no complaints, they are eager to give their little kins the best care that they can afford to give, in terms of loving interactions, toys, time, energy and more, to keep their growing babies happy and well!!

 More amazing movements for these parents to experience...


There are more interesting times ahead for these parents, as they will get to watch their babies grow when they learn to turn, crawl, walk, run, talk. Lot of funny and silly scenes for them to behold as I am sure the babies will make a lot of blopper moves in the process of taking their baby steps in doing all these significant things mentioned above.

All the baby steps babies take from turning, crawling, walking, running, baby blabbering, talking will be special movements, and milestones, that will make parents feel wonderful, proud and involved.


I reckon parents will forever be busy quenching their budding babies' curiosity with activities, encouragement, guidance etc.

Well...enough of my talk on the wonders new parents experience by involvedly caring for their babies and into the birthday card I designed for my Sis-in-law.

Here are the words in the birthday card I designed -:

Happy B’day Nanda!!

Double delight with two little ones this year…
So this birthday is really special with a new joyful essence,
flavoured by little sweet pristine souls…

May blessings warm you Nanda with the aura of blessedness embracing your loved ones…

Engaging times ahead for you new birthday mom,
Who is ever joyful to sing lullabies for your little sweetie pies…
But now it’s time for us to sing a birthday song for you Nanda…

Happy Birthday Nanda!!

Let your new world of motherhood parenthood,
Have you experience joys with abundant delightful surprises
that will keep you along with Praveen excited
Living times that you would all cherish!!

Happy B’day Nanda!!


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Written by   1
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Love, Blog, Experiences, ...
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