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Advice to myth-busting authors and translators

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3 months ago
Topics: mythbusting

I've noticed some authors writing mythbuster articles on topics which I consider to fall outside the initial scope of the roadmap.

I've also noticed translators immediately translating these, perhaps in the hope of getting MYTHBUSTER points.

Advice for authors

Quoting from the roadmap post:

myths propagated through Bitcoin's history, about how Bitcoin cannot scale or cannot otherwise work as Satoshi intended.

This is the primary focus here at the start of this mythbusting series.

It may be that later we tackle other myths, more recent ones.

I'd like us to keep the focus for now. That means if you (as an author) write about something you consider a myth but which doesn't fit this scope, you might not get any MYTHBUSTER points.

I still hope you get BCH tips if you write a good article, even if it's outside the current scope. And I may in some cases tip you myself in BCH if I consider it a helpful article.

But I'm going to be a bit reserved in dealing out the MYTHBUSTER points, because it's the only way I can keep this on track.

If you are unsure whether I'd consider a topic to be in scope, ASK FIRST. Leave a question under the roadmap post. I'll see it and reply. That could save you some time if you intended to write to gain some reward points for your effort or partake in the competition I'm running at the moment.

Advice for translators

Much the same applies.

If you translate an article which I've not recognized as eligible for MYTHBUSTER points under the roadmap, then your translation will be treated similarly, which might mean you get no reward points for it.

So don't rush ahead unless you are very sure.

You can always ask, just like an author - leave a question under the roadmap post, asking "If I translate this to <new language>, would it get points?"

This will cause me to notice, and have a look at the article you want to translate to form my opinion, which I'll pass back to you.

Otherwise, if you feel shy about asking, then wait until I've awarded MYTHBUSTER points to the original version from which you want to translate. That will mean I would award you some points for a good translation.

Thanks for reading & helping to keep things on track!

Adapted from work by Dylan.cronk, CC BY-SA 4.0

Original image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hand_heart.JPG

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3 months ago
Topics: mythbusting
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