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Reasons why bans your Account

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1 year ago
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Good afternoon friends Noiser in this opportunity we will explain you several reasons why bans your account.

Noisecash is managed by a complete algorithm that we call AI (Artificial Intelligence) a Robot whose task is to verify some parameters for which it was designed among which we have the following:

1. Count the number of words you write.

2. Check how many people vote for your post.

3. Check how many votes you give

4. To whom you give your votes

5. The frequency of votes you give and for whom you give them.

6. The Possible Frauds that you could be doing with your account.

7. Verify that your post has not been published in another site or that you have copied it from the internet.

8. That you do not have multi-accounts

9. That the connection links are direct from the page and not from other addresses.

10. The number of daily posts you publish.

Now I am going to explain each of the recommendations given so you can understand why your account was banned.

a) Because counts the number of words you write, it is assumed that a human being is creative and is not satisfied with just a "Good Morning Group" are very few words and in its algorithm has configured all those warnings that I recommended, she looks for Quality Post and when she does not find them she does not give Tips.

b) To verify the amount of users that vote for your post, because you know that there are people that are in external groups to trying to make money with this type of fraud, in the statistics of they know that the frequency of voters in an equal way all the time is a suspicious data, I leave that to the statisticians.

c) Why do you count my votes, for the same reason as the explanation above, maybe a human does not see quickly how many times Pepito votes for Lucia, but does not believe in the coincidence that just Pepito and Lucia every day at the same time in the same range of votes always vote for each other and justly both like all the posts that both publish. does not believe in chance.

d) Then explanation 2,3,4,5 with b and C are already explained, you may wonder, I am doing very well in my posts, yes you are doing very well, but remember that every day is creating its database, its algorithm is advanced and if you follow unwanted practices by it will ban you.

e) The frauds, look noiser friend, there are many people with multi-accounts, this makes me remember when I wanted to beat ChessMater in chess, I spent hours, days, effort until I understood who ChessMater was, it is not that you can not beat him, if you can beat him, but statistically in your life how many times you will beat him, when you understand the algorithm of something it is better to respect the rules, you can propose to change some unfair rules I think that is the way.

f) Fraud occurs in many ways, see to understand 6,7,8,9 if you are logged in (on the page of the robot has in its algorithm that configuration, for this reason you pass as a user of but if you are one of those who have unwanted practices by and those who have group in other social networks and communicate through there, look they know immediately that any user connects to @noise. cash from there already passes it to your statistics, what I want to say that people associated through other networks that are committing this type of fraud at any time will be detected, perhaps not those who are expert but remember that new ones always make that mistake and there you will appear at some point and you will be banned.

To conclude my recommendations:

  • Be serious about your content.

  • Learn from the experts at

  • Don't make unwanted practices on

  • Respect the Rules of

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Written by   6
1 year ago
Topics: Life, Writing, BCH, Bitcoin, Blockchain, ...
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I think had more strict rules than, I can see that it's system is so solid that it can detect similar post, also easily detects malicious activities of users that results in ban.

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1 year ago