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NFT in the Binance world

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Non Fungigle Token is a unique cryptographic token that can be represented by figures, audios, a gif image, montages and other things that will gradually be designed and become part of this new phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, are limited and the more strange and less exist will have an exclusive value, this type of virtual art is an intellectual property of the artist, this NFT if it were to be sold and then the buyer resells the main artist always receive a percentage of what is sold.

The digital works of NFT can be any original work of your own, it can be digital or handmade, the important thing is to take it to digital as you wish, you can make a video of it, or a scanned image, a painting made in oil and then taken to digital, that allows you to represent what you most want, the origin is very important, it can not be plagiarized by you, as for the value of the digital work depends on the artist and the recognition he has, that gives much value to the work, in other cases it also depends on the buyer who likes what he sees and wants to buy a digital work just for pleasure.

What good does it do me to buy an NFT?

Well remember the collectible cards of American baseball players that are sold and for some time now cost millions of dollars, this is an example of the NFT, serve to collect them but have a high economic value, art is priceless and in this modern world of cryptocurrencies is important that users know the importance that is having the NFT in the digital market, remember the cryptopunks that were given away now investigate what is the current value of each one of them so you can understand the importance of this new market, art is always appreciated for a good collector and a collector will pay a lot of money in an auction to get a work of art and if this work of art is unique imagine how much he will pay for this.

Look at this every day the NFT will have more use than we can imagine, and you could not explain something if it is starting to evolve and right now we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, remember if there is a hidden treasure and you know where it is and that treasure has a chest and that chest needs a key, and you know who has the key but that key costs a lot of money because that person knows that key can open that chest, but you do not know where that chest is but if you know it, you would not buy it, well this gives much value to the key, but you know that buying the key you will get the treasure, it is an example of how much the NFT will evolve in the crypto world, it is only a hypothetical example but imagine the utility that we can give to our things and our art, our imagination will expand and the use of the NFT in the world will go at the same pace.

Where can I see and observe this art

If you are a lover of art and good art I invite you to Binance is a site where you can have your crypto and also has a reputation of the good the best of reputations, there is a Marketplace only for NFT for now you can only sell and buy still can not create NFT on the page but as I said if you like art remember that a good NFT can be gaining value if you buy it.

I am excited to get a NFT

Dude if you are excited and want to get a NFT, then come here. participate in Binance, remember when you were a kid and those pokémon badges came out and you wanted to get them all, or the Mcdonald toys and you wanted to collect them all, so it is here when you want something you invest in that something then how do you get it the first thing open an account in binance, you must have BNB and BUSD, there are many ways to get these crypto can be with credit card, debit card, cryptocurrency exchanges etc., when you are in the binance page you can enter the part to buy by bids or buy NFT fixed price, if you do it by bids you only have to enter the price in the part where it suggests you to place your price and be pending of the bid, in case you want to buy at fixed price select the NFT that you like and you are convinced that is the one you want, select the price, click on buy now and if you know you have the crypto they ask for the price you are ready you have become a creditor of a NFT.

My attention is drawn to the Mystery Boxes

They are the NFT that are limited, they are rare and people seek them for their rarity, you like what you see and want to get it well this is purchased as follows, there are 4 types of mystery boxes, the super super super rare, the super rare, the rare, and normal, well they have different concept that are understandable, When you are inside Binance in the NFT section you can see the part of the mystery boxes, it is exciting to see this type of NFT and if you get some of them how much will have a collectible series of this NFT for you, cheer up if you are one of those people who have so many things in your house that now will have a digital world that does not compare to anything else we have seen, when you are inside there you will see the prices of each NFT, you must take advantage because you remember they are unique NFT and maybe you are not the only one interested, select the number of box you can buy, I know they are the maximum of 20 boxes per user but already that amount although limited for the user will make you creditor of the mysterious boxes of a super beautiful work, remember to confirm your purchase collector friend, remember the concept of mystery boxes because after you get them they are not refundable, what I can tell you is that when you open it you will know that you bought something that no one else has, if you are curious you can open it but leave it like that, you can sell it closed or open there of its name mystery box.

I don't see what I bought where it is

If you buy a NFT and you don't know where it is, go to the section where it says History, there you will find what you have bought, click on it and you will open it.

How to create a NFT in Binance

In binance still does not have this option but in a few months it will be activated, for the moment you have to look for information from third parties that will make the selection of your NFT and you have to demonstrate your quality as an artist, explaining your career so they can take you more into account, cheer up maybe you find yourself among one of the artists who will be recognized in NFT binance and you can enter this world, look for more information and when I have it I will make a post on this topic, if you find someone who makes this type of work and send it to binance remember to confirm its authenticity. But if you are very eager and you know you are good at digital art send an email to with brief explanations of who you are, what is your art, what kind of art you want to share, send some art you have that is no bigger than 50Mb, how many works you have to share, and they will be contacting you. Cheer up and don't give up, this is great for the artists of the world that were hidden and now they have the opportunity to make themselves known.

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1 year ago
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