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In the month of March 2021 I met at first I found it a fantasy idea to enter and start expressing myself through it, over time I met people who talked about making money or rather bitcoincash, that idea seemed very interesting to me by using the platform, follow its steps and rules did not seem a problem, however when I wanted to venture into communities, the rules seemed stricter this was strange to me but so I continued for months.

The Importance of being a good NOISECASHIER

To not lose the horizon of the content here to explain, I tell them that to be a good noiser you must know how to write interesting topics that your followers to see that you published immediately read you, do not believe that myth that only vote you for doing so, I try 90% to read all content, and 100% see their images (photos), then do not refer only to vote any content, take your time to review, this makes you every day more careful about who you vote and why you vote, your vote is very important to your followers as well as their votes are important to you. All this explanation is for you to understand what it is to be good at this platform.

A New User Being a New Follower.

Remembering the above mentioned of being a good noiser I say you have to help the new user and if this user is your new follower you have to support him much more in its beginning, but what happens with new users, they come with the idea that through this platform they will achieve in one day what you and I have not been more than 6 months and as the days go by they do not see the results are demotivated for this reason, I always remember that I spent 2 months without receiving anything in com but I kept writing and supporting all the POST that I read and liked, I made comments and every day I repeated that I was not receiving a tenth of BCH but I was going to continue supporting all my followers, after 2 months again I began to receive BCH cents, in truth the demotivation was true, but I could not demotivate others and I took advantage that my vote was worth and so little by little I voted for many good POST and commented to my followers their POST so do not let those new users leave www. for not understanding the platform, express to them the time they have and the hours they dedicate to their posts, so that they have the goal to reach it and pass it if they want to.

How many followers can I get to have

In you can get to have many followers I have seen people with more than 6,000+ followers, I follow a girl who has 5. 000+ followers this girl was one of my motivations to follow on the platform, for months I voted for her and she also voted for me, but the same thing happened to her, I do not know if we violated any of the rules of noise and she did not receive BCH for a long time, not long ago I entered her user and already began to receive BCH again, in truth this girl has some wonderful POST, she writes very interesting things and with sense out of the ordinary, I mean; many people write about their lunch, breakfast or how was their day, this user goes out of that context and although she writes about her life she does it in an exceptional way, so set yourself a goal, it is not only to have 1. 000 followers, the goal is that those 1,000 followers vote for you and for those 1,000 followers to vote for you you must keep it on the platform, by this I mean that noise for them must become a daily use site. In my case I have 350+ followers but I can tell you that in one day thanks to a post I reached more than 100+ for that post.

How do I improve my posts?

Learn to write, to place the commas and everything that has to do with spelling, if you want to check what you wrote with the Word of the PC, many times we write so fast that after we publish is that we realize that there was a mistake, but well that's part of learning and we must improve little by little.

Which chamber do you recommend?

 I recommend the chambers where the followers are very active, there are chambers that I follow and you see that they have many hours and even days without writing, I recommend chambers that are writing all the time, little by little you will discover them, dedicate time to look for them, to be a good noiser you have to explore the chambers and observe their movements.

Which channel do you recommend?

As with the chamber you should explore, do not get carried away by the number of users that has a channel or chamber, explore them and if they have the noisers are writing all the time follow them, I also recommend channels that fit what you like to make it easier for you when you write your POST, I can recommend ESPAÑOL is a channel where you write every second, I follow my user@bryandeep I really like that channel and it is really active all day I know followers who are already POSTING since 4: I also recommend you the VENEZOLANOS channel, it is super good, I started posting there a few days ago but I had already been giving my vote to many of my followers, but I did not dare to sign up because it is a very strong group, their posts are of high quality and I preferred to know them first before stepping on that ground, now I follow them and I really already made my first publication, I say this because it is not to get into a chamber or channel just to get in, you have to know it to be a good noiser, there are also other channels where I have tried to place my POST and it has been difficult, they review first and if they like it they POST it, and so you get better and you can get to have many followers who will give you their vote for your POST.

What should I do to be followed?

The platform is called noise. cash and you become a noiser, then make enough noise, get loud so that the channels, users see you, follow you, if you have a channel on any other platform add it, like youtube etc, I know users who have their channels and there place their link to see their content, another tip is that as you gain followers, comment, do not just vote for their publication, make comments to congratulate them, advise them, so that they are integrated, look at other platforms have millions of users but you do not get a penny, rather they with your publications become richer every day and you poorer when you get the internet bill or cell phone plan, or is it a lie, I do not want to mention any other platform because you already know them, then get loud, with original content, no copy and paste from the internet, we are in the XXI century, and there are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that detect where the information came from if you copied and pasted, so; fall in love with your followers and educate yourself, so that every day there are more and more of them in your noise user.

Well community already for this post I think I have fulfilled my goal of instructing users to improve and to learn to strive to improve and be a good noiser, that the words are not the wind and of course do not stay on paper, and less in this digital content. Regards @bryandeep my link at



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Written by   6
1 year ago
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I'm new user in it's such a big help for me to further understand the platform. Thank you for sharing some tips, I appreciate it and in return, I welcome you on this platform. Hoping you can cope up here, is there anything I can help for you to understand Actually there are lots of article already published on how this platform works, you can search it here.

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1 year ago