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How to create, sell and buy NFTs?

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1 year ago
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First you must know what is a NFT and I invite you to read my first post on this topic but I can tell you that it is digital art which has a value depending on the objectivity of the author and the buyer, if friend has understood well, is something that you are going to sell or buy, but what is behind all this set of buying and selling, as you have realized the NFTs comes to give added value to your art, any kind of art, from the most classic to the strangest and for this there must be a market that supports as many works as possible and these are the Blockchains.

How to create an NFT?

A NFT is a non-replaceable work of art, in a few words after you create it and publish it, even if someone else copies it and publishes it, it will not be the same, remember that it is under a blockchain that keeps the first creator under its computer network. so what steps should I follow to create my first NFT:

  • You must have a song file, photos, videos, signature, collector's item, and any number of ideas that will evolve over time.

  • Export the file to jpg, npg among other file types used by the blockchain.

  • You can create an account on Binance (available cryptocurrencies BNB and BUSD) or (available cryptocurrency ETH) (here link to your youtube video about metamark).

  • You must have in your Wallet in the case of binance your Spot Wallet must have BNB and in the case of MetaMark you must have Etherum to be able to connect to the page to create, buy or sell FNTs.

  • in the case of MetaMark you must connect to the page and create a user, in the case of Binance you must wait until September to create FNTs, in the meantime you can only buy them.

  • Watch the video to install the MetaMask extension

  • Create your MetaMask account

NFTs in Binance account

If you do not have a Binance account ( open an account and go to the NFTsnew option, accept the conditions and terms, when the next page appears there you give the Start option in the central part above are the marketplace option, there you can enter and review so you can get trained in this new Binance marketplace, when you go down in the pages you will see some NTF available for sale, you can buy if you have any cryptocurrency accepted in Binance to buy in this marketplace, at the moment you can not create NFTs in Binance.

I am interested in buying an NFT on Binance?

If you have BUSD and BNB in Binance go to the gallery option of the works and there are two ways to buy it, by Fixed Price and Auction, if you choose fixed price click on buy, complete the transaction and you are done, in case you want to NFT in auction go to the option of the auctioned work (make a bid) click and place the highest price you have seen, and every time another person raises the bid if you are still interested you must increase the bid of the work, at the end the person who has paid more for the work will buy it, it's that simple.

How do I create my NFTs in is a marketplace to sell your first NFTs and they are really one of the few you will find on the internet at the moment, so create an account and start slowly. On the website after creating your account and have everything in order, open your user and click on sell, immediately the same page will ask you to connect your MetaMark Wallet and that's it. Once inside and have your MetaMark account synchronized create a collection of NFTs, previously you should have the file prepared so you can publish according to the amount of Etherium you have available for your collection, remember that each NFTs for hanging in the collection costs 0.005 etherium, you go to the option create when creating your store remember to put a logo of the following dimensions 350x350px, the name of the collection and a description that takes from 28 characters up to 1000 characters.

Have I already created my user on ?

If you already created your User, immediately you will see your place to collect your items. there you choose Add New Item drag there your NFTs, then colacale a name, you can colacarle a link on more details about the works you are selling for the buyer to have more historical interest in your work, and a description of your work, and a property this will be the one that will enter your category, song, poem, photos, among many categories otrosas.y with all these few steps and is created your NFTs, Good luck with your sale.

I want to try my luck, I want to sell it?

After finishing the previous steps, go to the sell option and click there, you have 3 options Specific price, Auction, or add it to a group of NFTS, these 3 options you have you choose the one you think best, if you place it at a fixed price and you will get that price, try that this price is according to your requirements, if you place it in an auction also place the initial price in your option and the number of days and expiration date that will be posted, then go to the Post option and ready.

How many people can see my Publication?

Use all the social networks you use to post your sales link, the more people see it the more likely you are to sell it.

(Read me on the Spanish channel)

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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