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HOT Airdrop For Lazy People: Get Hi Dollars (1=$1.3)(1x/day) FREE

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7 months ago

I recently found this new crypto airdrop app called Hi!

Hi is an app that allows users to answer one quick question a day and receive 1 HI Dollar in return. Each HI Dollar is worth around $1.3 USD, and, for now, the reward for answering the daily questions is always 1 HI Dollar. This is a HUGE perk for signing up early so be sure to take advantage of it!   

Personally, I've just added it to my 'cloud miner' app folder so I can do them all at the same time. It's just as easy as the free cloud mining apps (Pi, BEE, etc) and the reward is even better, especially for those of us who don't typically get many referrals. 


If you'd like to join I'd love it if you use my referral code!:    

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0x0x Britt 🪴

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7 months ago
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