Going green together!!!

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Hello everyone, Bread pudding here!!!

I've been thinking a lot about this and, it's about time I shared it with you guys.

The theme for today's topic is "Going green together."

I'm sure most of us have heard this statement before, "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle," Right? 

The thing is, We don't listen to that and, it's taking a toll on the earth. I made a google search on the percentage of people who recycled their trash this year and, The results were quite shocking.

I got to know that only 13% of the stuff we throw in the trash is recycled. And the rest of it is left in landfills. It made me mad Because I am a green fiend Myself.

So in this article, I would emphasize some ways we could help the earth and save money while doing that.

As the days go by, Technology continues to Evolve to make our lives easier and more convenient for us humans. But, we know that everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Some of those disadvantages I would talk about in this article today.

Let me start by listing a few flaws that I have observed in some innovations.


The cars we make use of every day get us places faster or, the Power generators used in our factories to aid in the production of goods also cause problems to occur. The problems include:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Ozone layer depletion.

Carbon monoxide poisoning happens when Carbon monoxide gets inhaled too much. The Symptoms are dizziness, chest pain, and Nausea.

Then to the Ozone layer. The ozone layer holds 90% percent of the total ozone in the atmosphere. The ozone layer helps to reduce the number of UV rays that reach the earth by Absorbing them. When we do things like make use of Vehicles and Power generators that emit Carbon monoxide, It causes a reaction with the Ozone layer causing, it to deplete. When that happens, it allows UV rays to get in. That could cause a lot of damage to the human body.


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As I mentioned before, Only 13% of stuff gets recycled since the beginning of the year. In local developing countries, they create landfills and dump their trash where ever they want to. In developed countries, some recycle and. Others don't. Here is a list I made of the disadvantages associated with not recycling waste.

  • The release of Greenhouse gases 

  • Pollution caused by The release of toxins

  • Increase in the cost of materials used in production

Greenhouse gases get released into our atmosphere from landfills causes heat build-up in the atmosphere because it allows solar radiation into the earth's surface. 

Pollution could occur if the toxins from the landfills got into a water source like a lake or a river. It causes the water to get contaminated and makes it harder for water companies to purify for drinking.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

When Materials like plastics, bottles, and tin cans aren't well recycled, Companies expecting the recycled materials don't get them back. It could cause an increase in the price of products because they would have to get the replacements so production could stay on the right track. 


The whole world runs on Power in the form of electricity. We use that to light up our homes and to make use of various devices. But we forget that power plants use Fossil fuels like Coal, Oil, and Natural gas to generate electricity. It could also cause the depletion of The ozone layer.

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There are ways you can start saving the world in your way.

You could:


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Doing this allows your household to get Powered by utilizing the earth's natural resources. You could do this by making use of these various devices:

  • Solar panels

  • Wind turbines 

  • hydro turbines and

  • Gas turbines.

These devices also make use of batteries that store energy.


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Starting a compost pile encourages recycling and, it helps plants grow due to the amount of carbon dioxide present in it. It does smell awful, So getting a compost bin could be the best option for making compost in your home.


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Making use of water from the borehole cuts your bills in half. It is because you don't need to pay water bills anymore. Let me get into more detail. Borehole water is water obtained from naturally occurring underground water. Some use water-lifting devices to get the water to their pipes for easy access in their homes. You could call a professional to help you switch from pipe-borne to borehole water.


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In some cases, the water would need to get filtered before drinking to ensure it is safe. I suggest attaching an inline filter to the pipes before using the water.


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Sure using off-the-grid energy would save a lot of money, But we also need to consider getting eco-friendly devices to save more later.


Instead of using our cars to get to short destinations, Getting a bike could help save a lot of money and also give you a good workout while you at it.

If we start to do these things every day, we start making changes and save the world in our way. I have started practicing all these steps and I urge you all to do the same as well.


Thanks for reading guys, You could hit the subscribe button down below to get notified when I post, feel free to leave a nice comment below and I would catch you in the next one.

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1 year ago


Earth is on its last legs and we need to start doing things that wont hurt it anymore, let us all go green

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1 year ago

Great words there@Oikawa, the world is on its last legs.It could be life threatening if we don't make changes now.

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1 year ago