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Let's make some Noise

I recently discovered, this platform allows microposting and receiving micropayments called "Tips", which are fractions of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Visually we could compare it with the interface of Twitter or perhaps Instagram.

It's simple, just write a phrase or thought that goes through your mind, if you want to accompany them with an image and publish. That is all.
So other people can meet you, exchange comments and receive "Tips", while everyone benefits financially.

All users receive an amount of "Free Tips", which can reach even more than 1usd (BCH) daily.
These "Free Tips" cannot be withdrawn by users. Their purpose is to use them to leave "Tips" in the content of other people. Thus, with the exchange of these fractions of BCH all bloggers receive their rewards, which go to a wallet where they can be withdrawn to an exchange and used at the discretion of each person.

This platform does not have an internal wallet, for this reason you must indicate an address that allows you to receive BCH.

How Tipping?
When visiting the posts of other users, you can (and should) use your "Free Tips" to give love to others.

The ecosystem allows you to allocate a percentage of your "Tips" for yourself.

Don't be greedy and put it at 50% / 50%, so we all win equally.

Project Hope at Noise Cash
Noise.Cash has community-like spaces called "Chambers", where users with similar interests can share their content and support each other.

I invite you to continue to share and continue to share this sense of community unity that characterizes us, supporting each other at the same time with everything we can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

I'll wait for you at Noise.Cash.

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