NFT platforms on Algorand (especially Algogems)

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2 years ago

I'm mostly accustomed to NFT files made available on the WAX or Ethereum chains, but has anyone minted/sold any NFTs on Algorand? There are some pretty nice platforms there, already with a lot of talented (and some not so much, of course) artists creating images, videos, and some music for sale. So far, i only have experience using but i may also try out AB2 gallery, Rand Gallery, or Here's a link to the first photo i've minted as an NFT on algogems: Fee was .001 ALGO (less than $.01) and process was very quick. The only possible drawback is that you'll have to enter your password multiple times to sign each transaction or interaction on the site, rather than just clicking, like you might on Ethereum or Polygon, though without the high gas fees of Ethereum, of course. I might also soon experiment with minting a piece of audio or video on Rand Gallery. Please comment below with your experience/feedback. Thanks!

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