Century Train gameplay progress [July 2022]

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_ Episode 43 _

July 2022

I posted only once about Train of the Century game, about my progress and that was two months ago > Basic setup for Train of the Century game.

A lot changed since than but main thing is that in-game NFT prices remained on the same level and some even jumped a bit. Tocium game coin also maintains its price which all indicates it's a good long term project.

Currently I have 2 trains: Borgminer and AlphaCentury. After some experimenting with different types of commodities I settled with same structure for both trains because they make maximum profit from my point of game entry.

Both trains have The Big Boy locomotive and Tommy two-pair conductor. Borgminer have 5 Rail cars Open Top Hoppers with same number of Wood Chips commodity. AlphaCentury has exactly the same structure except for 4 Rail cars instead of 5.

At first AlphaCentury had 4 Extra Small Auto Rack rail cars with 8 sedans but earnings with this configuration were low so I decided to copy the other train and I kept NFTs because I think their value will go up eventually.

The advantage with having two trains with same configuration is you can save time playing. What I do is dispatch both trains at the same time and they arrive at their destination at the same time so I halved the time needed to play the game.

Two trains now bring me around 5000 Tocium coins per day roughly since there are many variables involved.

Now I have the option to unlock 3rd train (for 30000 coins) but I will not do that. It would be cheaper for me to have 3 trains instead of upgrading existing trains (up to 8 rail cars) but time saved for me plays a major role in my calculations.

I have also bought few cheap Locomotives and staked them in various stations around metaverse. Profit from staking is not much but Locomotives will ROI in a month and after that is pure profit.

Can't wait for the Portal to open :)

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