Why Teacher?

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For the reasons that we all know, and for the role entrusted to him when we enable him for almost a third of the lives of our children, they spend them stapled in front of his sport, repeating what is presented to his writing and reading.

Because we realize in our hearts that a large part of our cognitive and psychological formation is directly related to the teacher or teacher who influenced us one day. Despite the memoirs of naughtiness and restlessness from studying, but after many of us became parents, aunts and uncles, responsible and follow-up to the study of our children, we are now aware of the size of the burden that our teachers were bearing, above their difficult family and living burdens.

Today, and the dialogue between teachers and the state may seem disrupted, even for a while, and after the failure of parliamentary, economic and individual mediations, we have to stand in front of a fundamental point that is the basis of the problem, in my simple opinion. The difference between the bonus and the incentive is too big if we want to delve into the explanations!

The distraction in reading the teachers' demands, perhaps because of their union's rhetoric, does not put the dots on the letters as it should. After the Ministry of Education, through its media spokesperson, acknowledged that the dispute between the Ministry and the Syndicate is not financial, the turn came to explain and explain what channel the government should look at, in order to improve the teacher’s living situation.

It is known that the incentive is actually linked to job performance, and its name came to refine the word reward associated with evaluating the performance of teachers, and employees in general. The official motivates performance individually, to produce a competitive field in the work atmosphere, and rewards the hardworking for the outputs of his work, the form of presentation and the interest achieved.

But the annual bonus has no income in the employee’s performance, as it is related to the living conditions and inflation rates in the country, and the rate of high prices and high prices in general. Accordingly, it becomes more like an acquired right for all employees, its percentage may vary according to the employee’s degree, but everyone must have it, Because they live in the same country and pay the same bills.

Any human being living in this country can reach the inevitable conclusion that the status of the male and female teacher in the country is not at all parallel, with the great role assigned to them!

I mean here the accumulation of classrooms and the uttering of huge numbers of students, on top of the burden they can bear. The conditions of education in schools that “are comparable to schools in Europe,” according to the one who said it, and the unbridled rise in prices in the markets for basic and pre-supplementary materials, make the phrase “teacher’s dignity” sad and painful.

What is required today, is not to compare the demands with a natural allowance for teachers’ salaries, with other demands for sectors that are no less important, but which are not considered a major backbone in the formation and industry of the coming society. Then, if this bonus is actually considered a waste of money if the teachers sector benefits from it, then “and here the comparison is allowed, I think”, there will not be an iota in the wasted money department that has always weighed heavily on the pocket of the country, and dispersed the concept of its society in corruption cases, daily and sudden prosecution on The length of time.

It is true that our children are not in the streets, because it is not an alternative to the disruption of schools. Today, however, the need has become urgent, and even embarrassing, to get out of the bottleneck of disagreement for what is in their interest. A teacher is psychologically and financially comfortable, and a society is satisfied with his performance, which we must see a difference in if his demands are fulfilled. Here, it is not correct to infer the results of the last high school, to indicate satisfactory performance. Practically and conscientiously, we have to see the difference in the outcomes of the primary classes. Herein lies the real test, the hard test!

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