The Catastrophe That No One Recognizes

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1 year ago

The most regrettable thing these days is that tens of thousands of students who register in universities, after the results of the unified admission, go to specializations, with no future, and it is a paradox that a person studies four years, and spends his family’s money on a specialty, known in advance, that he has no job.

This is the great crisis in Jordan, which no one stops at. Everyone wants a university degree, and social consideration precedes everything. The important thing is for one to hold a university degree, even if it is just a painting on the wall, with no future for it, inside or outside Jordan, and we have Dozens of saturated, and even dead, majors, known to be overflowing with tens of thousands of graduates.

Where is the logic in spending thousands of dinars, from the value of university fees and personal expenses, according to the university and the program chosen by the student, and it may reach, according to the parallel, large sums of money, but the result is not a secret, because the student who pre-registers in one of dozens of specializations knows that he He will graduate, and not find a job, as if he has wasted his time and money, knowing the result in advance, and then begins blaming his luck for not having a job opportunity, or fleeing towards a master’s to buy time, or an academic doctorate, and his problem will double for the moment?

Take, for example, the specialty of medicine, as we have a new phenomenon, similar to Egypt, where we have doctors who hold a general medicine degree, and they sit without work, because they are unable to specialize for one reason or another, and because there are no jobs, and the phenomenon of unemployed doctors that we see in Egypt Today, despite this, thousands of people annually go to the medical specialty, without changing the map of interests, in light of a world that is also changing, in an accelerating manner. The important thing is the false social pride, about the doctor or doctor whose star was born in the family sky.

The phenomenon does not stop at this point, but extends to the humanitarian and economic disciplines. Everyone goes to study the Arabic language, accounting, classroom education, and other disciplines, and all of them have no future, and if there are vacancies after graduation, work at very low wages, where exploitation Graduates to work without pay in exchange for experience, or work for a wage that barely covers transportation, or communications in the best cases.

The biggest problem is that investing in a university degree with the intention of benefiting from a job outside Jordan does not seem to exist these days. An Arab graduate with the same degree competes with Jordanians, at a lower wage, while the majors that do not need Arabs are granted to competencies from Asia at low wages.

Neither the competent authorities have dealt with this problem, nor do people change, as if everyone lives in another world, and this year, public universities receive more than fifty thousand students, and private universities and universities outside Jordan receive tens of thousands of students. We are facing a time bomb from the year 2019 that will explode after four years, i.e. after graduation, or after five or seven years, according to the specialization chosen by the student.

It is time for people to get rid of the social knot about whether a person holds a university degree or not, by rethinking the entire educational system, the feasibility and cost of education, in addition to closing dozens of specializations, opening new specializations, re-changing the admission criteria in universities, and correcting the scene, Instead of what we see these days of having half a million unemployed people, this is not the ones who work, but they work in jobs that are not related to their specialization.

Without all this, the human bleeding, waste of time, and waste of resources will continue, without forgetting that the competitiveness of the university degree in Jordan, and the competitiveness of the graduate itself, has declined to a large extent in the Arab world, compared to the huge changes in education levels in other Arab countries, which have made leaps and bounds in education. And its Arab, regional and international classifications.

What we see is a kind of suicide, without denying that a person has the right to learn, but is there not among us who sees that a person learns outwardly, but in fact, he is still at the zero point?

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