Speech is Silver, Silence is Diamond

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1 year ago
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Silence is in most cases more eloquent than speech, and if speech is silver, then silence is gold, and silence is diamonds and perhaps more. In this time of “a lot of gossip” and the loss of the value system, the sack one who memorizes his tongue “let him say good or be silent”:

1. There is no specialization in this time, as everyone is the father of the general and talks about politics, economics, sociology, medicine, engineering and everything, and the reason is not the availability of knowledge, information, or the faculty of writing, but rather the love of speech, hadith and Byzantine debate, wherever and at any time and in an assembly.

2. Backbiting, gossip, hypocrisy, lying, perjury, selfishness and hatred are common traits in this time, and the reason is the lack of faith among slanderers, backbiters, hypocrites, liars and perjury witnesses.

3. Because of the deterioration of the value system, people have become thankful for those who are silent about those who speak ill of them, because that is simply better than engaging in the fight with the same evil.

4. The one who is silent about the truth is a mute devil. It is shameful, unjust and immoral that one of us does not do justice to the other in his absence or that he witnesses falsehood and slander.

5. The backbiters, slanderers, and perjury bear the evils so that they become good deeds for the benefit of those who seek forgiveness and those who are benefactors. Therefore, if they say good things towards them, they will gain good deeds, and if they remain silent, they will be equal, so they neither lose nor gain.

6. The councils are schools, and our behavior is reflected in those we sit with, so let us say good or remain silent, and speak the truth with courage, even if it angers anyone, for truth does not triumph except by disputing falsehood.

7. It is required in this time in which the Halim Hiran has become, to distinguish between frankness and rudeness, between truth and falsehood, between diamonds and iron, between responsible freedom and chaos on the outside, between public and personal interests, between the lean and the fat, and between the responsible and the conductor of business, and the list goes on.

Frankly: we praise the one who does not insult us in this time, even if he knows the facts and does not speak them or knows what is good for us, because that is better than insulting us, and what is required is correcting behaviors to speak the truth or to remain silent, as this is the weakest of faith; If speech is silver, silence is gold and silence is diamond.

Good morning ethics

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Topics: Truth, Silent, Silence, Speech, ONE, ...