Quarreled with my friend Bob About Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

I am quarrelled with my friend Bob many times about bitcoin cash and I am not sorry and feeling regretful because I know I do a fight about the real reason for human prosperity in the soon future.

I am believing in me for many reasons . First , If I spend more time in front of my pc for a a goal or a vision rather than playing cheap video games . My point is better spending my net on Satoshi Vision " Bitcoin cash ". I invest my time In BCH rather than waste it . IS it a good reason or not ?

Second , I have a real communication with different BCH enthusiasts who have real projects . SO due to BCH revolution , I can win new friends and become more sociable.

In addition , bitcoin cash is a big concept and it can replace the old " BTC " . BCH will change the economy to the moon and we will more time to enjoy our life because all people in the world were suffering for years because of unemployment and poverty.

A new different payment system should be booming and bitcoin cash is the best example .

On the other hand, I do not angry with Bob now who is crazy about playing video games . Hence again , I believe he should spend a few time on BCH platfrom and I try to encourage him to do so .

It is more valuable for him to invest his money on bitcoin cash rather than useless video games.

In fact , BCH enlighten our world and give us an opportunity to become rich. For all these reasons , I advice My friend Bob to get involved and hope I can succeed.

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