Profitable Economy Only .. or Profitable and Sustainable?

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1 year ago

There is no doubt that the entire world suffers from the consequences of its trading of an “incomplete” economic equation based on profit-taking only, which increases negatively because we collect profits with one hand, while we humans are destroying our planet Earth with the other hand.

Its dire consequences that we have begun to see recently on climate change and its negative consequences resulting from the tent of oxides that accumulated from car exhaust, factory smoke, farm manure and silo greenhouses, not to mention the growing global warming phenomenon as a result of ignorance and indifference to human practices. The bottoms of the oceans as they rain down on us from the heights of the sky through a worn-out ozone layer. Humans competed to “knot them” with their greed, to achieve profits piled up on human body parts threatened with extinction.

And what came before and after it as one of the products of the angry nature, destroying in its way the rocks, human beings and trees that came and went!

The current economic equation that is based on profits only is a fierce equation that is not friendly to future generations. However, how many theorists are at the Earth and Environment conferences in the East and the West, and what are the most recommendations calling for reducing emissions and oxidation.. and there is no answer between theorizing and theorizing.. the application is absent.. or the application is also reversed. to endoscopy!

And how not? Some developed countries refuse to change their industrial methods.. while they talk about human rights with a suitable environment, you see them poisoning humanity with the other hand!

And here we join the chorus of “danger ringers” repeating: The profitable real economy at all levels is the “environmentally friendly sustainable economy”, so what do we need to be “A profitable and sustainable economy”.

By applying a “material and environmental profitability” equation instead of relying on a “single” material combination, profits only.

The biggest problem lies in a terrible state of schizophrenia in which humanity lingers, between the demand for peace, you see it waging wars.. and between the demand for a clean environment, but it pollutes it intentionally or out of ignorance. Between a lost peace and a polluted environment, our planet fluctuates..!

Perhaps the most prominent plan of the human hand is the “Kyoto Treaty”: the United Nations principled climate agreement to limit the oxides responsible for greenhouse gases, monitor compliance, and implement the consequences of non-compliance. Then it refused to change the methods of its industries, insisting on the profitable economy, even if it was harmful!

So, we would like to imitate the experiences of “environmentally friendly” countries that suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with huge devices, and then isolate it underground as energy that drives plants, as in Iceland, for example.

Finally, we ask this hastily: Why do some people deal with environmental issues as if they do not live on this planet?

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