Opportunity Comes Twice

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1 year ago

Often times, many opportunities passed in front of us and we did not seize them, so we hit the palm of the hand because we did not take advantage of that opportunity that was available to us. And some may live their life while they remember that missed opportunity in every meeting and meeting, and tell about it to their children and ask their children to tell their story to their grandchildren.

I have had many opportunities and I did not take advantage of them, and if I sit down to count those opportunities, I will not finish, not every opportunity is worth taking advantage of, some opportunities may suggest to us that it is the desired start, but later on we realize that it was a black opportunity.

The question remains: Are the opportunities afforded to us, or are we the ones who create them?

Frankly, I do not know, because the two answers may be correct, whether they are the ones that are given to us, or if we are the ones who create them. There is no need for us to feel that the loss of opportunity is the end. And if we get a chance once, we'll have a second.

I remember that one of the women cried profusely until she thought she had lost a loved one, and when I inquired of her why, she described herself as a fool and that she often misses opportunities from her hand until she thought that she did not deserve any other opportunities in this life. I knew that theoretical talk would not convince her, so I told a short story about a person wandering in the desert feeling very thirsty, and he dreamed of a drop of water so that he could live, and when he found a well, his eyes did not believe what he saw, and he was very happy, so he threw himself inside it so that he would not miss the opportunity to enjoy himself. with water. It is true that he did not miss the opportunity, but he lost himself.

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