Men and Women in the Time of Corona

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Theorizing about equality between men and women in matters of law, social attitudes, wages, equal opportunities, enjoyment of rights and privileges, etc., and equality in rights and duties in terms of citizenship - and despite the efforts made in this regard - we still have not achieved what is required societally or where you stand or secret in some issues Even in the time of Corona, many of these practices still exist on the ground; There are many examples:

1. Some are still investing in male education rather than female education, especially in parallel education in universities, where most females achieve unified university admissions.

2. Some parents still deprive their daughters of legal inheritance and register most of their property in the names of males under the pretext of maintenance, and this is the height of abuse of women and their rights.

3. Although a woman is an employee like a man, some still believe that her responsibility is in addition to the complete housework and the raising of children without the slightest contribution from the man.

4. Society oppresses the woman by blaming her for everything and not blaming the man, even though they are partners in the act, the crime, or the spoils.

5. Some of the young men allow themselves to go out with other people’s daughters, but it is forbidden for their sister to do so, although all of that comes under taboo.

6. Some still believe in male control over females in everything, as if matters are in the matter of what is permissible for men and prohibited for women.

7. Even the successes achieved at the family level are attributed by the man to himself, while the failures afflict women.

8. Even some of our weddings and weddings and their hospitality are distinct between males and females. Manasif and Kunafa are for males, and gateau and cake for women.

9. The list goes on and on with many paradoxes, which indicate that our societal culture is still patriarchal, even if we all demand equality.

10. To be fair - and in anticipation of not being accused of championing women against men - some say that females demand equality when they are in a state of weakness, while they are empowered over men in the event of exclusive power.

11. What is required is complementarity, partnership and the division of roles between men and women in order to straighten things out and achieve equality between them without one of them exploiting the other and with a cooperative strength.

Frankly: Equality and justice between men and women are strongly required, but they are difficult to achieve in light of the dominance of the patriarchal societal culture, especially in the time of Corona, and what is required to move forward in achieving equality and legal and social justice without delay

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Topics: Man, Female, Women, Required, Corona, ...