How Do Friendships Last?

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1 year ago
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I know people without friends, either because they lost their best friend and didn't want to replace them, or because they didn't know how to build true friendships that would stick with them until their last days.

On that, we can say with certainty that the most beautiful relationships are the historical friendships of a lifetime!

The indisputable fact is that maintaining a renewed friendship on the same foundations as true friendships is difficult, stressful, and costly at all levels. It is rare, so a true friend has become almost impossible.

A true friendship relationship, continuous, stable, and far from narrow purposes, can only succeed in the presence of real people, who enjoy an enormous amount of self-denial and keenness on the friend with great awareness, people who are far from selfishness, pettiness and searching in small details to find loopholes to create whirlwinds. in the face of friendship.

Finally, only a friend who pays attention to details succeeds in friendship, someone who feels your slightest pain and asks about you in the crowd when others think you are satisfied with the crowds around you, and with the noise that makes you seem strong enough, someone who passes you your little lapses; Because he believes in your humanity as well as your humanity, and he accepted your shortcomings as he loved your virtues, someone who came to live friendship with you with all its requirements, he did not come to re-educate you or make you from the beginning of the alphabet.

A friend, my friend, is me when you approach me and for me without waiting for me to complain to you about circumstances, life, boredom, and the system of insignificance; Because even if I'm a talkative you know I can't say everything.

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