Are X-rays safe for children?

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It is important to consider the benefits of X-rays for our children while considering the risks of having too many of these tests.

Sarah, 2 years old, has frequent urinary tract infections. Her doctor ordered a variety of scans containing ultrasound waves. This showed an enlargement of the urine-collecting system on the right side of the kidney, and a color X-ray of the urinary bladder showed severe reflux (reverse flow) of urine from the bladder into the right-sided kidney.

To make sure that this reverse flow was not harming the right kidney, the doctor ordered a nuclear exam, which showed that the kidney was healthy. Sarah was referred to a pediatric surgeon for further health management.

Without these x-rays, Sarah's doctor would not have known about the existence of the reverse flow, since if he did not detect it, it may have led to the loss of her right kidney. So children actually need x-rays when needed.

Dangers of having too many x-rays

Ultrasound remains safe for children because they are not exposed to radiation. It is used to monitor the fetus, and it is recommended to undergo two types of ultrasound during pregnancy in the first trimester. This is usually the first type of x-ray that doctors order for different conditions during a person's life.

X-rays are a double-edged sword. Exposure to it too much radiation can cause cancer, especially if the child is exposed to a lot of radiation, such as a CT scan, which provides the smallest details about the child's brain. When children with leukemia were screened for malignancy in the brain, it turned out to be the result of repeated CT scans. Unfortunately, a large number of children actually develop brain tumors caused by X-rays while they are recovering from leukemia.

Some parents insist that a child with a chronic condition should have a repeat X-ray every year. Ultrasound is a better option because it does not expose the baby to ionizing radiation and can be repeated safely.

One example of being exposed to a lot of radiation is a color X-ray of the urinary bladder to check the backflow of urine from the bladder into the kidneys. In this case, some parents do not think about exposing their daughter's ovaries to radiation, which may lead to congenital disabilities or cancer in the future.

Important Tips

The pediatrician is the best person to decide the best type of x-ray for the child

Never insist on repeating the rays just because you are satisfied

Unnecessary repeat X-rays may have harmful side effects in the future

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Topics: X-rays, Children, X-ray, Kidney, Urinary, ...


Even for adults, too much radiation is bad how much more to children, they are more fragile than us.. parents should be aware the side effects of radiation for their child to save it's future.

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