A Healthy Family

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1 year ago
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To my mind a healthy family is one in which the family members have close relationships and help and support each others so that no one becomes overburdened by the numerous household chores .

Setting clear roles for each member helps avoiding later problems provided each member takes his responsability seriously and doesn't neglect his duties .

As parents are truly concerned about the emotional development and behaviour of their children , they're expected to provide not only the necessities of life like food , clothing and shelter but also perform their affective role properly .

So they need to show their children that they care for them , that they're on their side and willing to listen and understand them.

On the other side , children are expected to respect their parents , to love them and be good sons or daughters .

Therefore they should listen to their advice and talk with them about their worries , their school work and their social life. it is this closeness which creates harmony and brings about warmth and health in family life.

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