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300 TRX Giveaway + Amazing Passive Income Opportunity.

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These days many DAPPS are coming in the market based on gaming , exchanges , Mining , Gambling etc.

I would like to share an amazing platform with you guys today it's called "TRONex"

It's an Blockchain decentralized and anonymous platform , it has a totally secure income based on  TRX smart-contract and the best thing is it's Smart-contract verified and audited by independent company.

You can check the contract here -

How it works?

Just like any other Staking platform you have to stake cryptocurrency on TRONex , as this is built on TRON block chain , You have to stake TRON in here.

What will you get?

There are three type of bonuses on your deposit -

Basic profit: +1.0%
Hold-bonus: +0.1 - this increases everyday by 0.1% if you don't withdraw
Contract bonus: +9.9% - this increases by 1 % after every 10 million.

So basically you get your deposit + 100% of your deposit after 20 days

What's the catch?

Well there is and there is not ,The platform works and it will work until there is balance on the contract , so i would not encourage you to invest more than you can lose. This contract replicates how the Tronchain works .You can see the current contract balance below!

I have myself doubled up my money twice. Here is the proof of my third stake which is going on right now!

300 Trx Giveaway!
ok so i am promoting this platform so that more and more people can come to this contract and make it a success.

i'll be giving 150 TRX to 2 people who join TROnex following these steps!

  1. Download Tronlink wallet, chrome extension -Download

  2. Add Tron to your Wallet (minimum 100 TRX ) you can buy from Binance or any other cryptocurrency exchange

  3. Go to this link - Tronex

  4. Click on Make Investment now

  1. Once you have invested you will have to accept a pop up on tron link and your investment starts .

  2. Once you have invested share the screenshot of the transaction and proof that you have joined using my link on telegram -@sanjrai11

  3. I will select 2 Random people and Give them 150 TRX each and share proof of payments on Read cash after 1 week!

  4. If you still have any doubts you can watch this video -


There is no risk joining this giveaway as you just have to invest 100 TRX to get 150 back , so if you join you'll get your 200 TRX on TRONex + 150 from me.

So go on and Register on TRONex Right now and enjoy watching your Deposit grow 200% , This giveaway ends on 4th October 2020

Registration link -

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1 month ago
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My name is Adrian Dave Morales

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Please dm me on facebook I want to join

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Please reach out to me telegram - @sanjrai11

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Thanks for Share this article

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