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6 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, TTT

How to register in WorldTTT and start earning while learning?

  • Step 1

    Look for wallet in your playstore app and download it.

    >>> Create a BitcoinCash wallet in there and name it as WorldTTT wallet so that it would be easier for you to locate it. But it's still up to you if you'll rename it or not.

  • Step 3

    Click 'start earning' and you will be redirected to the registration section.

  • Step 4

    Upon registration, you need to fill up the needed information (username, first and last name, email, BCH and SLP address, password)

  • Step 5

    You may look for your BCH and SLP addresses in the BCH wallet that you have created in the app.

    >>> Copy and paste your BCH and SLP addresses in the box incorporated to it upon registering.

    >>> Make sure that you have copied and paste them correctly.

  • Step 6

    Upon filling up your password. Make sure to include the following characters (1 capital ABCD, 1 character !@%&$, 1 number 1234,) and should have the minimum length of 8 characters. This will help you to have a strong password which can't be easily hacked by others.

    >>> Remember not to share your password to anyone but yourself.

  • Step 7

    You may or you may not tick the box saying 'send these credentials via email'.

  • Step 8

    Click register and you will now be redirected to the login section.

  • Step 9

    Look for BCH safe listings and click it. You will be redirected to the BCH safe listings section.

    >>> In this section, you need to submit first any valid ID card (student or government ID) to authenticate your identity and for you to receive your rewards and earnings. If you will not fill up this form and submit an ID card, then you won't be able to receive rewards from any features of WorldTTT.

    >>> After filling up the form for Identification Verification, you will receive an email regarding it. Then you may now proceed in answering the quizzes below the form.

    >>> In this section, you can also see 'spin to win' where you can spin once a day and receive rewards from 100TTT-50,000TTT .

    >>> If for any reason, you haven't received your rewards from spinning and answering quizzes, please speak to admin Josh on members telegram chat. So that your concern will be processed.

    >>> Below the quizzes, you can see your referral link for inviting friends and receive 25,000TTT for every successful registration. When we say successful registration, the person you have invited successfully registered and submitted their Identification Verification form.

  • Step 10

    You can also see here the conversion rate of TTT to BCH. Here you can convert the TTT rewards you have received to BCH and receive it directly to the wallet address you have provided upon registration.

Here is also a tutorial video on how to sign up with WorldTTT and start earning:

Click here to register now!

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Written by   3
6 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, TTT
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