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TheCanCoin is a Blockchain Solution for the Global Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis is a plant that is widely used in the global medical industry. Cannabis is used as an anaesthetic to suppress pain and provide a calming effect to the user. Not only used in the health sector, cannabis is also used by people in countries such as Argentina, the Netherlands, or other countries that have legalized the cannabis industry. They believe that if cannabis is used by the community at the right dose it can bring positive effects to society.

Every year the global legal cannabis industry grows. It is even estimated that from 2020 to 2025 the global cannabis industry will grow from $30 billion to $95 billion, this proves that this industry is very potential. And seeing this TheCanCoin wants to take part as a blockchain solution for the global cannabis industry by providing users with various features such as tracking, DNA storage, medical, payments, crowdfunding, etc. With the solutions offered by TheCanCoin, the global cannabis industry can become more modern and innovative.

Cannabis Industry

There are several countries in the world that legalize cannabis in their countries, such as Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, and other countries. These countries have reasons why cannabis can be legalized in their territory, one of which is that it can have a calming effect on society if used in reasonable doses. And also countries can get taxes from the cannabis trade in their area. In the future, the cannabis industry will grow and this requires a modern infrastructure to facilitate it. And TheCanCoin will be a platform that supports the cannabis industry in the future with modern and innovative blockchain solutions. The solutions offered by TheCanCoin include track and trace technology, DNA storage, medical, payment, etc. Later these features can be used by people in the global cannabis industry and are expected to have a positive impact on the development of the cannabis industry in the future.

By adopting blockchain technology, TheCanCoin can solve various problems in the global cannabis industry such as financial constraints, transparency, privacy, and expensive operations, and thus users and stakeholders in the global cannabis industry can trade faster and cheaper through a secure network.

TheCanCoin Features

TheCanCoin is the blockchain solution for the global cannabis industry. The features offered by TheCanCoin enable users to be able to make payments through the CanCoin wallet which is a payment gateway solution for consumers and merchants that supports payments without limitations through a secure blockchain network. But that's not all, there are several other features of TheCanCoin:

  • Track and Trace: Businesses can track goods from genetics to transformation with a track and trace solution. And customers can access various information related to the products they buy.

  • Crowdfunding capability: To be able to support the growing cannabis industry, TheCanCoin provides a platform that will facilitate user investment into the cannabis industry, especially in the European region.

  • DNA Storage and Data: A technology that enables the storage and tracking of DNA. Later this data will be used in conjunction with machine learning and A.I by businesses to be able to improve and customize their offerings to customers.

  • Digital Medical Identity: Medical ID card that can identify medical cannabis patients. Later the technology will store various information related to patients.

  • AR NFTs: Augmented Reality NFTs that allows users to plant and grow virtual cannabis via their mobile devices. Later these NFTs tokens will be used for discounts in stores.


As previously explained, TheCanCoin has a payment solution that will launch under the name CANNA token. The CANNA token will be launched on the Binance Network with BEP-20 protocols and will serve as a utility token, this means that the CANNA token will be used the most as payment in the global cannabis industry. By using the CANNA token, consumers and businesses can make payments faster and without limitations. To be able to get CANNA tokens, users can buy CANNA tokens at the reverse auction organized by TheCanCoin.

To conclude

The global cannabis industry is growing every year, even in the next few years experts say that this industry will grow several times, this is because several countries have started to legalize cannabis and the adoption of cannabis in society is increasing. And TheCanCoin is here as a platform that provides blockchain solutions for the global cannabis industry. TheCanCoin provides solutions such as track and trace technology for businesses and individuals, payments, DNA storage, medical ID cards, and crowdfunding. With these solutions, consumers and businesses can trade more quickly and without limitations, and allow the cannabis industry to thrive. With blockchain technology, TheCanCoin is optimistic that it can facilitate the global cannabis industry and make this industry more modern and innovative.

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