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Qwertycoin as a Decentralized P2P Protocol For Safe Payment

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Now many people have started using cryptocurrency as their payment or investment instrument. Cryptocurrency is claimed to be a digital asset that allows users to be able to make transactions quickly, safely, anonymously, and decentralized. Even some experts say that cryptocurrency will begin to be adopted by many people around the world. As of today, the capitalization of the global cryptocurrency is USD 1.72 Trillion and will continue to grow as the global crypto market develops. This proves that cryptocurrency has a very good chance of becoming a payment for the future.

Qwertycoin is part of the crypto world. This is an open-source project for creating a decentralized digital asset, like Bitcoin. Qwertycoin offers a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safe payment and communication worldwide. By using Qwertycoin, one can make transactions faster and safer because it is based on CryptoNote Technology V2.0. Through Qwertycoin transactions are safe, reliable, untraceable, unlinkable and user privacy is protected.

Safe. Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Like the jargon "Safe. Simple. Seamless. Secure.", Qwertycoin is a platform that offers a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safe payment and communication worldwide. With Qwertycoin one can make transactions faster and safer. Qwertycoin is based on CryptoNote Technology V2.0, which is claimed to provide high transaction speeds, anonymity, and security compared to similar technologies. QWC developers state that CryptoNote Technology V2.0 has been verified as a technology capable of providing anonymity to users on the network. Unlike the previous generation cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which can be tracked, Qwertycoin is untraceable because of CryptoNote Technology V2.0.

What is interesting, that Qwertycoin is not centralized means nobody owns or controls Qwertycoin, just like Bitcoin, whose development team is unknown until now. However, everyone can join the Qwertycoin network and use its services at a low cost. Qwertycoin only needs a centralized authority for development, because centralized development is needed to develop and maintain the ecosystem of Qwertycoin.

To keep Qwertycoin running, the team also needs donations and engagements from users. And to maintain the trust of users, the QWC team operates under the unanimous consensus of transparent management for all members. Because this is an Open-Source Platform, everyone can build and participate with no special requirements.

Qwertycoin Features

Qwertycoin is a “real decentralized community Cryptocurrency” that was built and supported by the community and will act as a digital asset like Bitcoin that is not owned and controlled by anyone. Qwertycoin will become a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safe payment and communication worldwide. It is hoped that with the presence of Qwertycoin, people can make transactions more quickly and safely. The following are the features provided by Qwertycoin:

  • Open-Source Platform: Qwertycoin is a decentralized digital asset built on "Open-source" CryptoNote Technology V2.0 which allows everyone to build and participate.

  • Decentralized Community: Unlike private companies, Qwertycoin will operate with support from the community.

  • Democracy: Participants can join and vote in important community decisions.

  • Privacy: Unlike bitcoin, Qwertycoin is untraceable and anonymous.

  • Egalitarian Proof of Work (EPoW): CryptoNote Technology brings voting equality through Egalitarian Proof of Work.

  • Ultra-Fast Transaction: Transaction confirmation will be completed very quickly compared to other coins.

  • Egalitarian Proof of Service (EPoSe): Qwertycoin's transaction fee will be distributed across all Masternodes depending on their participation.

QWC Token

QWC is a token launched by Qwertycoin and will serve as payment and rewards for participants. QWC token has a supply of 184.47 Billion and a design base of CryptoNote V2.0 which is forked from Bytecoin, Monero + Karbowanek + Digitalnote, and Qwertycoin V1.0. Users can get these tokens through the mining process or buy through available exchanges such as CREX24, CITEX, etc. Following are the details of the QWC token:

Coin Name: Qwertycoin
Ticker: QWC
Type: 0% Premined Decentralized Community
Cryptography: CryptoNote V2.0
Proof Type: Eow (Egalitarian Proof of Work)
Mining Algorithm: Cryptonight
Difficulty Algorithm: CIMA + CLIF, Adjusted every block
Blocktime: 120 seconds
Tx Hash: Instant
Required Confirmations: 10 confirmations
Total Number of Coins: 184,467,440,737 QWC
Coin Decimals: 1/10000000 (0.00000001)
QWC Block Reward: Decrease by each block
Dev. Language: C ++

To conclude

The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly in recent years. This is because the public trusts in the potential cryptocurrency market and the features of cryptocurrency that allow transactions to be fast, secure, and anonymous. And Qwertycoin is part of the crypto world, a cryptocurrency that allows users to send money to friends and businesses fast, easy, and private. It is a community-supported cryptocurrency built with CryptoNote V2.0 Technology which enables anonymous and trustless peer-to-peer transactions. With Qwertycoin transactions are safe, reliable, untraceable, unlinkable and users' privacy is protected.

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Written by   70
1 year ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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