Quarashi Network is a Platform With Modern and Innovative Core Components

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The adoption of cryptocurrencies today is increasing. Nowadays people are using cryptocurrencies not only as digital assets for their payments but also for investments, rewards, etc. Due to its flexibility, cryptocurrencies can be applied to various platforms, not limited to payment platforms only. This example can also be applied to platforms that have different cores, which is where the existence of cryptocurrencies on the platform makes the economic system on the platform stronger and more stable in the future.

Experts say that in the future cryptocurrencies will be increasingly adopted by people globally. And because of that, launching a crypto-based platform has a lot of potentials. This is what Quarashi Network does, by becomes a platform that will leverage cryptocurrency to create an innovative and modern platform for everyone. What Quarashi Network offers is a platform in which there are several different cores but support one another. It is hoped that Quarashi Network's different cores, will provide a platform that users can rely on.

Innovative Platforms With Different Cores

Have you ever used a platform that contained multiple core components? where you can make payments, chat, and do many other things. Platforms like this are usually designed to be able to present users with a platform they can rely on. Even though this platform consists of several different core components, these are all interrelated with each other, which is what makes the platform more robust and reliable for its users. Users can do various things on this platform, and they don't need to be complicated to use multiple platforms, because the features they need can be found on these platforms. And this is what Quarashi Network does, which is a platform that has core components that will meet the various needs of users. Users will be able to make payments, chat, access the browser, and do several other things from the Quarashi Network platform.

With its multiple component cores, Quarashi Network is confident that this platform will be used by more people. And especially Quarashi Network adopts cryptocurrency which will make this platform have a real economic system and can be relied on by all its users.

Quarashi Network Features

The features offered by Quarashi Network enable users to be able to do various things directly from the platform easily and securely. Users can make crypto payments directly from their devices. Quarashi Network provides a crypto payment platform that users can use freely and securely. But that's not all, there are several other features of Quarashi Network:

  • Crypto Wallet: users can store and manage their digital assets in crypto wallets provided by Quarashi Network. Users can store more than 13K types of cryptos in this digital wallet.

  • VPN & Incognito Browser: users can use the VPN and browser features provided by Quarashi Network to protect their data and privacy while browsing.

  • Airdrops: for user loyalty, Quarashi Network will reward users in the form of tokens that they can exchange on exchanges. In this way, Quarashi Network can increase users' interest in Quarashi Network services.

  • Chat: for a more secure communication line, Quarashi Network provides a chat feature that will allow users' messages to be encrypted and will not allow other parties to break into user communications.

  • DEX: a DEX platform that will enable user trading and exchange to be easier and more secure. Users will be able to exchange crypto with a P2P system that is secure and difficult to hack.

  • Launchpad: various crypto projects will be listed on the launchpad platform provided by Quarashi Network. Later users can invest easily and project owners can get fresh funds more quickly.


As a platform that adopts cryptocurrency, of course, Quarashi Network will launch a cryptocurrency that will facilitate user transactions on the platform. Quarashi Network platform allows users to get these tokens easily from various supported exchanges. These coins, known as the QUARASHI token are tokens that will serve as utility tokens and will be able to be used by users for their various purposes, such as for payments, investments, etc. This is the native token of the Quarashi Network which in the future will support the operation and development of the platform.

To conclude

Today the adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing significantly, this is because cryptocurrencies offer various features which will allow users to be able to make transactions quickly, securely, and with lower fees. And Quarashi Network is here as a platform that will adopt cryptocurrency as a strength for their platform. Quarashi Network is a platform with different core components, which will meet various user needs. Here users can make crypto payments, use a VPN and browser, access chat features, participate on the launchpad, and exchange crypto on DEX. Quarashi Network has the vision to be a platform with different core components which is innovative and modern for global users.

Connect with Quarashi Network

WEB: https://quarashi.network/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/QuarashiN/media
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Quarashi-Network-101478615449502

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