Mulierum is a Blockchain-based Payment Platform for Social Media Platforms

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Blockchain is the protocol used for cryptocurrencies today. By using blockchain, it allows transactions on cryptocurrencies to be processed more securely, quickly, and free of manipulation. Blockchain works by making notes to a ledger so that later all these records cannot be manipulated by anyone. This makes blockchain a very appropriate technology for global alternative payment systems.

With the increasing mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is increasingly being used on various platforms around the world. And seeing this potential, Mulierum will become a decentralized and autonomous platform that focuses on helping social media platforms to be able to process payments using smart contracts. Mulierum offers users a solution as a platform that allows them to process payments with the lowest fees and the highest security. In this way, social media platforms globally can adopt blockchain technology-based payment systems on their platforms more easily.

Blockchain-based Payment Platform

Today there are many platforms globally that use blockchain technology for payment systems on their platforms. By using a blockchain-based payment system on their platform, it allows their platform to process payments more quickly, securely, with fewer fees. Blockchain technology allows users to make payments from anywhere in the world without restrictions more easily and anonymously. Blockchain also does not allow any party to be able to intervene in user transactions, and this is an advantage of blockchain technology. And seeing this, Mulierum wants to be a blockchain-based payment platform that focuses on global social media platforms. Mulierum will make it easier for social media platforms to process payments using smart contracts with lower fees and high security. Mulierum will help social media platforms to build a more innovative and modern payment platform for their users.

Mulierum not only helps social media platforms, but also content creators because most of the content creators nowadays complain that it is difficult to payout from the social platforms they use, and if possible they will be charged high fees. And Muliarum intends to be able to overcome problems like this.

Mulierum Features

Mulierum is a payment platform that will help global social media platforms to create more innovative and modern payment systems on their platforms. The features offered by Mulierum enable users to make transactions with lower fees and higher security. The Mulierum solution also allows the construction of a more transparent and unified payment system. But that's not all, there are several other features of Muliarum:

  • Secure Storage: to make it easier for users to store their digital assets, Mulierum provides a digital wallet that users can download to their devices for free. Later this wallet can be used by users to store and manage their digital assets.

  • Exchange Service: and to facilitate the exchange of users, Mulierum provides exchange services that will facilitate the exchange of users more quickly and easily.

  • Global Ecosystem: Mulierum is a global ecosystem with robust token management.

  • Safe & Secure: users don't have to worry about their security and privacy, because Mulierum is a platform designed to be safe and secure for users.

  • Encrypted And Private: designed with an encrypted and private system, Mulierum will protect all data and privacy of users.

  • KYC Verification: Mulierum will adopt a verification system using the identity or commonly known as KYC. This is to prevent fraud or other unwanted actions.


The Mulierum platform allows users to easily get native tokens from Mulierum. These coins, known as the DIVA token are Mulierum's way to enhance the platform's growth and facilitate user transactions. The DIVA token will provide users with the world's lowest transfer fees and also users can get the opportunity to own these tokens at low prices and sell them when prices are high. It is a utility token that will drive the Muliarum platform going forward.

To conclude

Today many people use social media platforms to be able to socialize and also earn money. Usually, content creators earn money for the content they produce. However, as is well known, most social media platforms do not have a modern payment system, which sometimes makes it difficult for users. And Mulierum is here as a blockchain-based payment platform that will support social media platforms globally. With the help of Mulierum, it is easier for social media platforms to be able to process their payments using a smart-contract system, making transactions on their platform more secure and low fees. With the presence of a blockchain-based payment system through Mulierum, it is possible for social media platforms globally to be able to build a more innovative and modern payment system for their users and this is the mission of Mulierum in the future.

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