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Decentralized finance, almost all crypto users in the world know this protocol and its functions. The decentralized finance protocol has succeeded in making financial systems that are usually closed and prone to manipulation, become decentralized and difficult to manipulate. Decentralized finance or commonly abbreviated as DeFi with its various features and solutions allows users to access a decentralized financial ecosystem that allows them to maximize their profit on the crypto market.

And talking about decentralized finance, maybe you will be interested in Grandle. This is one of the platforms that adopts the DeFi protocol that runs on the Ethereum based Smart Chain which allows people to be able to access various DeFi features safely, securely, and with low fees.

Blockchain’s new best friend: Grandle

Most of the platforms that adopt the decentralized finance protocol are usually based on Ethereum, as well as Grandle which is a DeFi platform that runs on the Ethereum based Smart Chain, which allows easy interoperability between various platforms and offers lower fees to users. At Grandle, users can access various DeFi features to increase their profit, such as swap, stake, liquidity mining, lend/borrow, NFT's marketplace, etc. Grandle will develop applications on the binance smart chain platform which is a very good ecosystem for developing applications and promoting the features of Grandle.

Grandle will adopt financial technology derived from the popular AMMs to provide users with fair and fair liquidity for all participants. Users can become liquidators by providing liquidity and getting Grandle tokens in return for them. By getting Grandle tokens, token holders will get many benefits, such as participating in governance and others. And to ensure that the ecosystem runs fairly, Grandle designed a distribution mechanism to create a fair and equitable ecosystem.

Grandle Features

Grandle is a DeFi platform that provides an opportunity for participants to maximize their profit through a safe and secure DeFi platform. Grandle runs on an Ethereum based smart chain which allows easy interoperability between various platforms and lower fees. Grandle adopts innovative technology which not only gives rise to an innovative and safe DeFi platform but also a platform that is fair to all participants. The following are the features of the Grandle:

  • Farming and Staking: Grandle allows users to access farming and staking features to increase their profit on the crypto market. Participants will receive LP tokens as their reward.

  • Pooling: Grandle allows users to participate in the pool with their token or LP token. Participants can get new tokens for free which are distributed directly to participants.

  • Cross-chain Swapping: Grandle utilizes a Multiple-chain architecture that seamlessly transfers assets from one blockchain to another.

  • Non-fungible Tokens: Grandle also supports Non-fungible tokens, which represent unique digital assets such as works of art, or others.


As a DeFi platform, of course, Grandle has a native token called the GRAND token. GRAND is a Binance BEP-20 based token that will play an important role in the operation and development of the Grandle platform. Grandle will launch GRAND tokens with a supply of up to 50,000,000 GRAND. Investors can get GRAND tokens through the Grandle website or third-party exchanges supported by Grandle. The following is details of GRAND:

To conclude

Decentralized finance is a protocol that allows cryptocurrencies to be applied in more complex financial cases. DeFi allows crypto users to maximize their profit through the various features provided. And Grandle is one of the platforms that adopts the DeFi protocol. Grandle focuses on providing a better DeFi platform with multiple chain technology, which allows users to access DeFi features more safely, lower fees, and a better return on investment.

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