Gistcoin is a Cryptocurrency for Social Media Communities

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Today, the global digital platform has grown quite significantly. This is because of the development of technology and the ease with which people can access various digital platforms through their devices. The development of digital platforms has also made more and more content creators today. These content creators entertain users through the content they produce. For example, like PewDiePie, he is a popular content creator on the Youtube platform. He earns money from platforms like Youtube from monetization, merch, and others. This is why many people want to be content creators.

With the development of digital platforms, users need to be facilitated for various things, especially for payments. Users need to get access to easy and secure payments. And for that, Gistcoin is presented to be a utility token that will be used by many people, especially for social media communities. Gistcoin will facilitate transactions of content creators, influencers, streamers, musicians, artists, and brands across various digital platforms.

Utility Token for Social Media

The cryptocurrency was developed to be an alternative payment solution that will facilitate user payments quickly, cheaply, secure, and lower costs. Because of these features, cryptocurrencies are in demand by many people and even people make them not only as payment but also as a tradable investment instrument. Cryptocurrency is also very flexible and can be applied in various sectors, for example, in the social media sector, cryptocurrency can be a decentralized payment system that will benefit all users. This is the solution offered by Gistcoin, a token that will facilitate payments to social media communities. And not only as payment, Gistcoin will be a decentralized token system that will be used for monetization, rewards. gamification, etc. - an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

The solution offered by Gistcoin makes it easy for all users in social media communities. Because they can get access to a decentralized payment system that is more modern and innovative than traditional payment systems and free from third-party intervention so that all users can freely carry out transactions without worrying about their security.

Gistcoin Features

Gistcoin is a utility token specially designed for global social media communities. With the features offered by Walleteum enabling users to be able to make transactions without the need for fees, time, and space, users can immediately make transactions with anyone and anytime quickly without having to worry about fees. But that's not all, there are several other features of Gistcoin:

  • No Intermediaries: With Gistcoin users can make transactions or exchanges without intermediaries. So that all payments will go directly to the user.

  • Anonymous: When making transactions with Gistcoin, the identity of the user will remain safe and will not be known by anyone.

  • Encrypted: All transactions are encrypted and no hacking or manipulation is possible.

  • Ease of Payment: Users can make payments for micro-purchases and payments for creative works more easily.

  • International payments: Users can use Gistcoin for payments on all social media internationally.


Gistcoin was launched under the name GIST. The GIST token will be launched on the Binance Network with BEP-20 protocols and will serve as a utility token, this means that the GIST token will be used primarily for payments, monetization and rewards. GIST price fluctuations will come purely from supply and demand, without any price manipulation. To be able to get GIST tokens, users can buy GIST tokens initial coin offering which will be held soon.

To conclude

Social media platforms require an efficient, fast, secure, and lower-cost transaction system and this we can find in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency can become a system that will facilitate various transactions on social media platforms better than traditional transaction systems. And Gistcoin is here as a utility token that will be used on social media platforms internationally. The solutions offered by Gistcoin make it easy for content creators, influencers, streamers, musicians, artists, and brands to make transactions. And also Gistcoin allows the creation of a decentralized token system that not only benefits several parties but also all parties on social media platforms. Gistcoin has the vision to become a platform that allows everyone, especially social media communities, to get access to alternative payment systems that are more modern and innovative.

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