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Filipcoin is Creating a Blockchain Ecosystem For Dapps

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Cryptocurrencies have succeeded in disrupting the global financial ecosystem. From what was originally a financial ecosystem controlled by only a few parties or organizations, now with cryptocurrency the financial ecosystem can become decentralized, transparent, and available to everyone. Especially in recent months in the crypto market, there is a trend of decentralized finance protocols, which is an umbrella of various financial applications that can maximize returns from users' investments in the crypto market. This protocol makes people more interested in joining the crypto market.

The development of the cryptocurrency market has inspired many companies to join this ecosystem, one of which is Filipcoin, the blockchain ecosystem for mobile application services in the service economy sector. Filipcoin offers users an ecosystem that allows the integration of various sectors to create an inclusive, modern, and innovative financial service.

Powering Data for the New Blockchain

It has been more than 10 years that cryptocurrencies have been in the global market, and have disrupted many sectors around the world. But until now the implementation of cryptocurrency into everyday life is still quite slow. This is due to the lack of dedication of crypto developers, legal issues, campaigns, and other issues, which are also hindering the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is the concern of Filipcoin, namely the slow implementation of cryptocurrency into real life. Therefore, Filipcoin is present as a crypto platform that will implement DeFi in the Philippines and even Asia. The solution that will be offered by Filipcoin is a reliable transaction system under the blockchain technology of Ethereum. Filipcoin offers a blockchain ecosystem for mobile payment services, which allows various sectors or other payment gateways to be integrated and create financial services that everyone can rely on.

Filipcoin works by becoming a blockchain ecosystem that will innovate traditional payment systems and make them better and safer by utilizing blockchain technology. Filipcoin will provide users with a payment platform that will facilitate them for their various financial needs.

Filipcoin Features

Filipcoin is a blockchain ecosystem for mobile payment services that allow various sectors to be integrated and create financial services that are profitable for all users. The blockchain ecosystem offered by Filipcoin, allows traditional payment systems to be more reliable, secure, and lower costs. But that's not all, there are several other features of Filipcoin:

  • Flexible: Filipcoin is a flexible platform, in the sense that it makes it easy for other sectors to partner and integrate with the FILIPCOIN blockchain ecosystem to create a reliable payment gateway.

  • Collaborative: Filipcoin with a decentralized system allows technology to be available and can be further developed, allowing significant groups of users to be covered and collaborate.

  • Supportive: The team from Filipcoin are experienced professionals in the crypto market. This team will be fully responsible for this platform.

  • Exclusive: Filipcoin has gained exclusive access to technology already implemented in the transportation industry in the Philippines.

  • Prospective: Filipcoin adopts the DeFi system which has long-term prospects because it provides various financial services needed by the wider community.

  • Safe & Secure: Filipcoin is committed to providing users with a secure and compatible platform.

FCP Token

FCP is a native token launched by the Filipcoin platform and will serve as a utility token. FCP token based on Ethereum ERC-20 with a total supply of 168,000,000 FCP. The use of FCP is mainly for utility tokens, where users can use FCP for payments and access various features in the platform. Filipcoin also uses the FCP token for the development and marketing of the platform.

Filipcoin Roadmap

The team from Filipcoin started this project with team and website development, then proceeded to form documents and information related to the platform, so that partners, investors, or potential token holders can more clearly know what Filipcoin is, what features it offers, and what are the future prospects.

Then after that Filipcoin will carry out affiliate programs and campaigns, develop features of FILIPAY, set up the accounting system, develop a mobile wallet, offer the Filipay and Filipcoin wallet via DEX, and further develop the development of the API and DeFi platform, this is aimed at improving the experience. Filipcoin against users, investors, and other stakeholders.

To conclude

Cryptocurrencies have been around for several years in the market, but until now there has been no platform that has implemented cryptocurrency in real cases, where the public uses cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. And Filipcoin is here as a blockchain ecosystem that will improve the transaction system for the better. Filipcoin provides a blockchain ecosystem that enables the integration of various sectors to create an inclusive, modern, and innovative financial service for everyone. It is hoped that the presence of Filipcoin, will allow everyone to be able to get reliable financial services that they can access easily from their mobile device.

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Written by   25
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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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