Empowering Waste Communities with Plastic Finance

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Every day you probably use many products for your various needs, such as detergents, bottled drinks, snacks, or others. On average, these products use plastic packaging which is cheaper and more durable. But did you know that plastic is one of the many problems we face today? Plastic is a problem because this product cannot decompose for hundreds of years, if left unchecked, plastic will continue to accumulate which will cause problems for the environment.

Seeing this problem, some young people are moved to present a platform that will support plastic recycling through cryptocurrency. This is Plastic Finance, a platform focused on plastic recycling. What Plastic Finance is doing is more about increasing the productivity of waste pickers, a platform that will benefit all parties involved. And to simultaneously keep the earth better, Plastic Finance also supports a tree replanting program in the region.

Recycle, Reuse, Prosper

Plastic waste if not recycled will cause problems, especially in the area because plastic cannot decompose naturally and will accumulate. To avoid this, the government together with organizations support so that people can recycle plastic. But the problem is that because they don't get rewards, not many people voluntarily recycle plastic waste. Plastic Finance sees this as a problem that must be resolved immediately, so that plastic waste can be recycled immediately and waste pickers can prosper. Therefore, Plastic Finance was launched to be a solution that would improve the recycling system by promoting a circular economy. Plastic Finance will utilize cryptocurrency to increase the productivity of waste pickers and benefit all parties involved in this chain.

Plastic Finance aims to be a platform that will encourage people to be a part of the plastic waste recycling system. Plastic Finance with DApps and DeFi democratizes the recycling system and makes it more profitable, enabling everyone to participate and be involved in plastic recycling.

Plastic Finance Features

Plastic Finance is a platform that focuses on plastic recycling systems. By using a circular economy approach, which benefits all parties, especially the waste pickers, Plastic Finance wants to present a platform that will empower waste communities, making them more prosperous and have a higher social status in society. But it doesn't stop at recycling, Plastic Finance also supports tree replanting programs in the area to reduce carbon dioxide pollution. But that's not all, there are several other features of Plastic Finance:

  • Transparency: By utilizing the tokenization system, it is easier for Plastic Finance to be able to make waste prices more transparent and accessible to everyone.

  • DeFi: Through various innovative DeFi features, it allows Plastic Finance to be able to create an economic system that can empower all participants involved.

  • Sustainability: By launching a native token, Plastic Finance can provide an investment model that allows anyone to join in and invest, which will maintain the sustainability of Plastic Finance.

  • IoT and Blockchain: By leveraging IoT and Blockchain, we can minimize errors and make the recycling process more efficient and organized.

  • Profit-sharing: All transactions in the Plastic Finance ecosystem will be subject to transaction fees, later small fees from transactions will be distributed to token holders.

PLAS Token

The PLAS Token is a native token launched by the Plastic Finance platform and will serve as a utility and governance token. PLAS token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 23,900,000 PLAS. By owning a PLAS token, users will get several benefits such as getting rewards, getting voting rights, payments on the platform, etc. Users can get PLAS tokens through a private sale program that will be held by Plastic Finance.

Plastic Finance Roadmap

The team from Plastic Finance started this project with idea creation, team formation, token airdrop, a legal entity, limited liabilities in Indonesia, in a corporation in Seychelles, cooperative formation, advisor boarding, defi coding, and smart contract audit. Then it continued with early contributor funding, private sales, buying 300kg/hour regrind machine, all of this was done so that the public, investors, and token holders could see that the ideas from Plastic Finance were being applied.

After success, Plastic Finance will do pre-sales, defi started, going to the exchanger, and fully operational and upgrade some features. All this is possible if Plastic Finance gets support from the community, investors, and token holders, which have a big role in the operation and development of the platform.

To conclude

Plastic is a material that is difficult to decompose, it can take hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, so to prevent plastic waste from piling up, waste pickers or other organizations are sent to recycle plastic waste. However, the problem is that recyclers, especially waste pickers, don't get commensurate rewards for their work. And Plastic Finance is here as a platform that will empower waste communities. Plastic Finance works by becoming a platform that will promote a circular economy to improve recycling systems. By utilizing DeFi, it allows Plastic Finance to provide an ecosystem that can empower all participants, especially the waste pickers, enabling them to earn rewards commensurate with their work and increase their status in society.

Connect with Platform

WEB: https://plastic.finance/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/plastic_finance
FACEBOOK: https://fb.com/plastic.finance

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