Definity Legend Is a Turn-based Strategy RPG Combined With the NFT Protocol

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Now, game developers can combine their games with cryptocurrencies to create a more innovative, modern, and profitable game ecosystem for all of its participants. By combining a gaming platform with cryptocurrency, not only allows players to play more securely, but also they can get rewards from their gaming activities. Therefore, many players are now playing crypto-based games.

With more and more gaming platforms adopting cryptocurrency on their platform, cryptocurrency is increasingly being recognized by players globally. Seeing this, Definity Legend was launched to become a game that will offer users a game that is more innovative, modern, and profitable. Definity Legend is a turn-based strategy RPG combined with the NFT protocol which will allow users to participate and get rewards from their games. It is an RPG game that offers players exciting gameplay and rewards.

Play To Earn

Today many crypto-based games offer users an exciting and profitable game. Usually, the game platform offers a play-to-earn system that will allow users to be able to play and get rewards for their activities. This is possible because the crypto-based gaming platform has a real economic system that will empower all its players. So that players can not only play and get entertainment, but they can also get rewards from the games they play. And that's what Definity Legend offers, a turn-based strategy RPG game that allows players to play and earn from their activities. Here users can participate in Campaigns, Guild Wars, Arena Fights, and Land ownership, they will get entertainment and rewards for their participation.

In combination with the NFT protocol, Definity Legend will offer players a game with gameplay that is not only fun but also secure and free from manipulation. Users can purchase and collect their NFTs and participate in various activities to get rewards easily and securely.

Definity Legend Features

Definity Legend is a crypto-based gaming platform that offers players exciting and profitable gameplay. With the features offered by Definity Legend, it enables users to participate in various activities such as Campaign, Guild Wars, Arena Fights, and Land ownership. Users can participate in these activities with their NFT. But that's not all, there are several other features of Definity Legend:

  • Upgrade NFTs: Users are allowed to upgrade their NFTs by modifying their appearance, fuses, enhancing, and evolves. Users will not be restricted in modifying their NFT, users are free to do anything.

  • Marketplace: A marketplace that users can use for their trades. Users can buy or sell on this marketplace platform easily and securely.

  • Rewards: Rewards will be given by Definity Legend in appreciation of user participation. Users will get rewarded according to their performance, the better their performance, the bigger the reward they will get.

  • Yield Staking: Users can also stake their tokens and get rewards for their participation. Later, the rewards that will be obtained by users are following the number of tokens they stake, the more the rewards, the greater the rewards they will get.


As a crypto-based gaming platform, Definity Legend will launch a cryptocurrency that will facilitate user transactions on the platform. The Definity Legend platform allows users to be able to get these tokens through supported exchanges. These coins, known as the DLD token are tokens that can be used by users for various things, such as acquiring new heroes, equipment and guardians, etc. This is a utility token of Definity Legend which will support the operation of the platform.

To conclude

Nowadays players globally choose to use crypto-based gaming platforms because crypto-based gaming platforms offer rewards which can be a new source of income for players. And Definity Legend is here as a turn-based strategy RPG combined with crypto and NFT which will offer users a game with exciting and profitable gameplay for players. Users can participate with their NFT in Campaign, Guild Wars, Arena Fights, and Land ownership. And also Definity Legend provides features that will help users to maximize their income such as staking and marketplace. Definity Legend aims to become a turn-based strategy RPG game platform that will provide exciting gameplay and rewards to players globally.

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