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Cybertrade is a BSC-based Open-world MMO RPG Metaverse

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It seems that in recent months in the crypto world, there is a game trend that carries the concept of the metaverse. By participating in this game, users can not only feel the sensation of playing in an innovative and modern game ecosystem, but they can also earn from the games they play. Users can play and perform various activities as well as in the real world. This is the reason why many people today play games with the metaverse concept, because of the experience and features it offers.

In the future, the metaverse concept itself will be increasingly developed along with the development of technology globally. And to welcome this, Cybertrade was launched to become a game that will offer users an experience they will never forget. Cybertrade is a revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience built on Binance Smart Chain, which not only allows users to experience a game with a high user experience, but also they can get rewards from their gaming activities.


MMO RPG is a game concept where multiplayer users can play in the same place and choose their respective roles. As of now, there are many MMO RPG games on the market, which offer users a great gaming experience. However, most of these games do not give rewards to users, even though users have been playing for a long time, all users can get is money if they can sell items/accounts to other users. But fortunately, now there are DeFi and NFT protocols, where players can now play on a game platform and get rewards from it. And this is what Cybertrade offers, namely the revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience, which allows players to fight, race, and own assets in the virtual world. And in return users will get rewards in the form of tokens which they can exchange into real money for their gaming activities.

Cybertrade will offer users a game where they can do various activities and get rewarded for it. Cybertrade will provide users with an unforgettable gaming experience wrapped in progressive NFT personalization technology ever implemented so that users can get a reliable and secure gaming platform.

Cybertrade Features

Cybertrade is an MMO RPG game with a metaverse concept that was launched on BSC. The features offered by Cybertrade enable users to fight, race, and own assets, which can provide users with a new source of income. Because with the increasing activity of users on Cybertrade, the rewards they will receive will also increase. But that's not all, there are several other features of Cybertrade:

  • TRIPLE-A Gaming Experience: to offer users a good gaming experience, Cybertrade will implement the most progressive NFT personalization technology ever, so that users can experience firsthand a game that not only provides excitement, but also high security.

  • Play 2 Earn: users will get rewards in the form of CyberCash for the activities they do on Cybertrade, even when the user loses. With a solution like this, Cybertrade can encourage users to keep playing and increase their activity in the game.

  • Level-up and Build NFT empire: users can customize, level up, and build their empire which is better than other users.


To develop Cybertrade for the better, the team collaborates with several parties such as AU21 Capital, OpenSea, GBV, BGA, Maven Capital, and several other parties. With this collaboration with various parties, the Cybertrade team is confident that they can develop better games in the future and add various features which will create a more modern and profitable game ecosystem for users. And in the future, if Cybertrade is growing, there may be more parties who will cooperate with Cybertrade.


As a game platform that has an economic system in it, Cybertrade will launch a cryptocurrency that will facilitate user transactions on the platform. Cybertrade platform allows users to easily get tokens from various available exchanges. These coins, known as the CCASH token are the only tokens owned by Cybertrade and this will have several functions such as playing, buying items, paying, etc. Players need this token to be able to start playing, without this token the user will not be able to play. This is a token that will support the development and operation of Cybertrade in the future.

To conclude

In the future, the metaverse sector will continue to grow. especially when this concept is increasingly used by entertainment and gaming platforms globally, it will become a potential sector. And Cybertrade is here as a revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse built on BSC. By offering users an amazing gaming experience, Cybertrade will be a place where users can fight, race, and own assets in a virtual world which will benefit players. And also users will get rewards in the form of CCash tokens for their activities, even when users don't win. Cybertrade aims to become an open-world MMO RPG Metaverse that offers users an unforgettable experience as well as attractive rewards.

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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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