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ClearSight is the #1 Blockchain Job Platform in the World

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Nowadays it is not difficult for freelancers to be able to find work with the skills they have. Especially now that there are many platforms that facilitate freelancers to connect with employers who are looking for workers for their projects or businesses. This freelance platform will also facilitate payments and work agreements between freelancers and employers. If there is a problem, then the freelance platform will act as an intermediary platform until the problem is resolved and then the payment will be sent to the freelancer.

With the development of the digital world, the need for freelancers is also getting higher. Because with these freelancers, a person or business can do their job faster. That's why ClearSight wants to build a freelance platform that will facilitate freelancers and employers. ClearSight will provide various features such as certificates, reputations, verify identity, full KYC/AML, etc., which will help freelancers or employers to make transactions more secure and fast.

Freelance Platform

The freelance platform is a platform that facilitates freelancers and employers safely, efficiently, and quickly. Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms today. With this platform, freelancers can find work according to their skills. And employers can look for freelancers who have the skills according to their budget and choose the best one. Here, Fiverr, which is a freelance platform, acts as a third party that bridges freelancers with employers and secures their transactions so that there is no fraud. This is what makes ClearSight want to present a freelance platform that will bridge freelancers with employers. But slightly different, ClearSight uses BSC technology and cryptocurrency which makes the ClearSight platform more innovative and modern compared to other freelance platforms.

Here freelancers can find jobs according to their skills and vice versa employers can find quality freelancers according to their budget. ClearSight will be a third-party platform that will make transactions between freelancers and employers run securely, efficiently, and easily.

ClearSight Features

ClearSight is a freelance platform that uses decentralized technology to provide a platform that freelancers and employers can rely on. The features offered by ClearSight enable users to be able to find freelancers that match their projects and vice versa freelancers can find projects that match their skills. And all user transactions will be secured with an escrow system, where payments will be forwarded if the work is completely completed and there are no problems from the employer. But that's not all, there are several other features of ClearSight:

  • Store User Data: Freelancers will get certificates, reputations, and ratings when using ClearSight. Later ClearSight will store these data securely on the BSC-based blockchain.

  • Transaction Algorithm: BSC based transaction algorithm designed for freelancers to be able to put all user creations in ClearSight tokens.

  • Smart Contract: Every transaction made will be secured with a smart contract, which can reduce dependence on traditional banking and make transactions more secure.

  • Debit Card-based Wallet: ClearSight allows users to make payments with a debit card-based wallet to increase trust.

  • KYC and AML: Freelancers and employers are required to do KYC and AML when they wish to register with ClearSight. This is intended to keep the platform free from fraud.

  • Quality Verification: Employers can check the quality first before accepting jobs from freelancers.

  • Tools: Tools designed to enable integrate and decentralize the workforce using blockchain techniques.


ClearSight has a native token launched under the name CLS. The CLS token will be launched on the Binance Network with BEP-20 protocols and will serve as a utility token, this means the CLS token will be used as the main payment on the platform. Especially when freelancers and employers make transactions, CLS tokens will be used to make fees lower and transaction processing speed faster, compared to other protocols. To be able to get CLS tokens, users can buy CLS tokens on supported exchanges or token sale programs.

To conclude

Nowadays, many people or platforms hire freelancers to work on their projects according to their requests at a price that fits their budget. Usually, they use a freelance platform to make transactions more secure and fast. And ClearSight is here as a freelance platform that will connect freelancers with employers in the most innovative and modern way. Based on BSC, user transactions will be executed more securely, quickly, and does not allow manipulation. ClearSight with its features will be a third party platform that will secure the transactions of freelancers and employers and not allow fraud or harm to either party. ClearSight has a goal to become the number 1 blockchain-based freelance platform in the world that will facilitate freelancers and employers around the world.

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Written by   38
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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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