Brickken is the Perfect Platform to Tokenize Businesses and Raise Funds

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Blockchain technology is a technology that can be applied in various sectors globally. As in the medical sector, blockchain can be applied as a system that makes transaction flows more efficient, secure, and free from manipulation. Blockchain can also be applied to raise funds through cryptocurrency. A business can be tokenized easily with today's technology. There are quite some platforms that offer tokenization solutions to businesses looking to adopt cryptocurrencies. In this way, a business can get the opportunity to raise funds quickly and make transactions in their ecosystem better.

There are many advantages that owners will get by tokenizing their business. And for now, it is not difficult to tokenize the business. As offered by Brickken, it is a platform that makes it easy for businesses to tokenize their business. Brickken provides features that will facilitate businesses to be able to launch their own tokens. Later this token can be used to raise funds, as transactions on their platform, etc.

Tokenization Platform

Nowadays it is not difficult for a business to be able to tokenize their business. There are many platforms they can use to design and launch tokens according to their request. Businesses don't need to hire programmers or learn about blockchain, the tokenization platform will handle it all for the users. Users only need to pay fees and the rest will be handled by the tokenization platform. This way a business can launch their token quickly and more efficiently, so they can enter the crypto market more quickly. This is the solution offered by Brickken a platform that will make it easy for businesses to design and launch their own tokens. Brickken created a dApp that contains the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own security tokens, easily without the hassle of programming or learning about blockchain.

Brickken designed the interface as easy as possible with experience and performance in mind. So that users of various levels, whether they are beginners or professionals, can use Brickken easily without any problems. Thus Brickken can make the tokenization platform accessible to everyone.

Brickken Features

Brickken is a platform that provides the dApp that individuals or businesses need to be able to launch their security tokens. The features offered by Brickken enable users to design and launch their security tokens more easily without requiring any programming or blockchain knowledge. With the solutions offered by Brickken, it makes it easier for individuals or businesses to raise funds with tokenization. But that's not all, there are several other features of Brickken:

  • Brickken's Dashboard: A dashboard designed to facilitate investors to easily browse and buy tokenized assets with their Brickken tokens.

  • KYC: Issuers and investors will be protected with a Know-Your-Customer system integrated with the platform which will prevent fraud or scams.

  • Start STOs: Issuers will be able to easily launch their security tokens. Issuers only need to deposit BKN tokens into their account and make a call to the team for the evaluation process, once received, the user's security token will be processed and ready to be launched.

  • Withdraw and Dividend: Issuers can easily withdraw their security tokens and convert them to USDC. And Issuers can easily manage dividend distribution to investors.

  • Wealth Management: Investors can easily manage all their tokenized assets on the Brickken platform.

  • Exchange: An exchange platform provided for users to facilitate the exchange of their security tokens to other cryptocurrencies.


Brickken has a native token launched under the name BKN. The BKN token will be launched on the Ethereum Network ERC-20 protocols with a supply of 100,000,000 tokens. BKN was launched as a utility token, this means the BKN token will be used as payment and investment. Users need BKN tokens to be able to use Brickken services, especially those related to the creation of STO tokens and the purchase of STO tokens. To be able to get BKN tokens, users can buy BKN tokens on the Uniswap platform.

To conclude

Business tokenization is the most efficient way to raise funds and offers users a modern transaction system. Nowadays it's not that difficult to be able to tokenize businesses, individuals and businesses can launch their tokens via the tokenization platform easily without requiring any programming skills. And Brickken is here as a platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to launch their tokens. Brickken provides the dApp that individuals and businesses need to be able to launch their security tokens without the need for programming skills. Individuals and businesses can launch their tokens and offer them to investors through the provided platform. Here investors can also browse potential security tokens that match their interests and invest easily. Brickken is the most appropriate platform to be able to launch tokens, raise funds, and invest in potential tokens.

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