Blockx Is an Alternative Blockchain Technology for High Speed, Low Gas, and Better Features

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Until now the Blockchain network has developed. This is all inseparable from its dedicated role in developing the best Blockchain network for various user transactions globally. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, and several other chains are innovations of blockchain technology that will make user transactions better than before. But as we know that with the increasing number of users in the crypto market, a better Blockchain network is also increasingly needed. And therefore innovation is needed to overcome this.

A better blockchain network is urgently needed to make cryptocurrencies and their derivatives better for all users. And this is what BlockX offers, which is a Layer 1 Blockchain aimed at creating a better Blockchain network for cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. BlockX is an alternative to the Blockchain network which offers features that would be great for cryptocurrencies and their derivatives.

Ethereum Alternative

Ethereum is one of the blockchain networks that has been used by many people and platforms globally. Ethereum itself is an alternative Blockchain network to Bitcoin, which at that time was not scalable and flexible for users. However, after a few years of use and with a growing number of users, the Ethereum network has also experienced some problems which make it not very good for adoption at this point in time. One of the examples of problems on the Ethereum network is its long confirmation time, and several other problems, which makes crypto users look for alternatives to this network, and therefore several other Blockchain networks are launched to be a solution. BlockX itself is one of the Blockchain networks that can be an alternative to cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. BlockX works with Metaverse, NFT, and DeFi web3 dapps, and can offer high speeds and low gas.

The features provided by BlockX can be a solution for a better Blockchain network and in the future, this will certainly be adopted by users and platforms globally for their various needs easily and securely.

BlockX Features

With the features offered by BlockX, it enable users to make transactions faster than similar technologies. The speed offered by BlockX, allows users to make transactions faster and more frequently. But that's not all, there are several other features of BlockX:

  • Low Latency: the latency offered by BlockX is very small, so it will make transactions faster and with lower fees compared to similar networks.

  • Multi Token, NFT & Chain support: BlockX supports other chains too, so users can use BlockX freely.

  • Smart Contract compatible: allows developers to deploy EVM compatible smart contracts and assets.

  • Native Identity & Compliance: BlockX allows accounts with or without identity and trading rules that often confuse users.

  • Staking rewards: users can get rewards by becoming a staker on the BlockX network. The more tokens staked by users, the greater the reward they will receive.


As an alternative Blockchain network, of course, BlockX will launch a cryptocurrency that will later support the operation and development of the platform. The BlockX platform allows users to easily obtain these tokens through various supported exchanges. These coins, known as the BCX token are tokens that will be used as utility tokens that function for rewards, fees, transactions, etc. on the BlockX network. This is a native token from BlockX which will continue to support the operation and development of the platform in the future.

To conclude

The crypto market needs an alternative Blockchain network to make the crypto world a better place for all of its users. And BlockX is here as an alternative Blockchain network that can be adopted by users and platforms globally. With various features possessed by BlockX, this will be implemented on Metaverse, NFT, and DeFi web3 dapps, and make the transaction system in this sector faster, secure, and low fees. And users can also become delegates or stakers on the BlockX network and they will get rewarded for their participation. BlockX has the vision to become a Blockchain network that offers better speed, lower fees, and features.

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