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AirNFTs is a Modern NFT Marketplace Launched on BSC

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Currently, in the global crypto market, the NFT trend is a protocol that allows digital assets to be secured on blockchain technology and can be traded in the marketplace easily and securely. NFT is a solution to various problems related to digital content such as copyright, security, etc. Nowadays, many content creators have adopted the NFT protocol because of the various features it offers to content creators. And not only that, the NFT protocol can also be implemented on game or entertainment platforms that require security and efficiency for digital assets on their platforms.

The NFT sector is growing, especially in the last few months. This is due to various factors, one of which is the number of artists promoting the NFT protocol. And seeing this trend, AirNFTs was launched to become an NFT marketplace that can facilitate the trading of users' NFT tokens. AirNFTs were launched on the BSC platform, which is one of the best chains today. By launching on the BSC platform, AirNFTs can provide users with a fast and lower fee NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is a platform that serves NFT token trading users globally. NFT tokens require an NFT marketplace to be traded because without this marketplace NFT tokens cannot be traded because as is well known NFT tokens are different from ordinary cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc., NFT tokens can only be traded on marketplaces that support the NFT protocol. Since it was first introduced, the NFT sector has grown quite significantly until now. It is even estimated that in the future this sector will grow even more. Therefore, AirNFTs was launched to become a marketplace that will facilitate the trading of NFT tokens for users globally. By adopting the BSC protocol, AirNFTs will become an NFT marketplace with faster transaction processing and lower fees than chains like Ethereum. And not only that, in the future AirNFTs will also support cross-chain which allows other chain users to be able to use AirNFTs without the need to change their chain.

AirNFTs is not just an unfinished project, it is a finished project that is already running and has a sizeable user base. So far, 172K NFTS has been minted with a transaction value of up to $9M. So that AirNFTs can be a recommendation for you users who are looking for an NFT marketplace.

AirNFTs Features

AirNFTs is an NFT marketplace launched on BSC with various features that will facilitate the trading of NFT tokens globally. The features offered by AirNFTs enable users to create, buy, sell and earn with their NFT tokens. Especially for content creators, AirNFTs are the best place for them to earn with the digital content they create. But that's not all, there are several other features of AirNFTs:

  • NFT Launchpad: artists who create digital content can use AirNFTs as a platform to launch their digital content. AirNFTs will be a launchpad platform that will give users exposure to the content they launch.

  • AIRT Farming & Royalties: to encourage users to continue using the service, AirNFTs will reward users in the form of AIRT tokens for trading their NFT tokens. And also users can use royalties to earn more.

  • User-friendly: AirNFTs was developed with the user experience in mind. Users of all levels can use AirNFTs more easily and comfortably.

  • Cross-chain: in the future, AirNFTs will be developed with cross-chain support which will allow users from chains other than BSC to be able to trade on AirNFTs.

  • Low Fees and Fast: because it was launched on BSC, users can trade faster with lower fees with AirNFTs.


The AirNFTs platform allows users to easily earn AIRT tokens by farming and royalties. AIRT is a native token from AirNFTs which was launched to become a utility token on the platform. Later users can use AIRT tokens for various purposes such as payments, investments, etc. Users need AIRT tokens to be able to use AirNFTs especially content creators because they will use AIRT tokens to access the features provided. AIRT is an important token on the AirNFTs platform as it will act as the fuel that will support the operations of the platform.

To conclude

The NFT sector has grown quite significantly in recent months. The value of trading NFT tokens on OpenSea on the Ethereum network has even surpassed the Uniswap platform which is a popular DeFi platform today. This has proven that the NFT sector is a potential sector and will develop in the future. And AirNFTs are here as a marketplace that will facilitate the trading of NFT tokens globally. AirNFTs will make it easy for users to create, buy, sell and earn with NFT tokens. Especially content creators can use AirNFTs as their launchpad platform to launch their digital assets. With lower fees, faster transaction processing, a user-friendly interface and various other features, it is hoped that users can get access to the best NFT marketplace.

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Written by   39
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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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