Angry Big Bad Elephants Nft Collection on Open Sea

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6 months ago

Hey folks, it's March 8th and we're thrilled to share our newest additions added to our Nft collection called Angry Big Bad Elephants! The amazing Nfts creations were made with the help of AI, and they're sure to make everyone Happy who sees them.

At Bilpcoin, we do understand that some people aren't big fans of the work we do, We won't let that stop us. We'll keep on creating great NFTs and documenting any wrongdoings we experience. Our goal we want to make sure that the truth is spread on all web 2 and web 3 sites we going to sign up to new sites today and start spreading the word more so that everyone knows what's really going on on Hive. We won't stop until the wrongful downvotes cease.

[Angry Big Bad Elephants 5 ](

[Angry Big Bad Elephants 6 ](

[Angry Big Bad Elephant 7 ](

[ Angry Big Bad Elephants 8](

At Bilpcoin we will not stand for no cyberbullying or any other kind of abuse. Those responsible for such actions will be exposed and prosecuted if possible those responsible will face more than prosecution when found. Let's all work together to take away the power from these bad people and make Hive the best it can be. Let's create a space where everyone is welcome and can grow and thrive!

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6 months ago