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1 year ago

Good morning, it's me, Bheng with another article to share, publish here at n hope this one's helpful or informative n this is what comes out of my mind, so it's what i'm going to do, lol

God created man or human after his own image, gave him heart n mind so he can think n decide very well n made him ahead or superior to the other creatures n things He created. The first Human He created's our great great great grandparents Adam n Eve n u can see n read it on The Bible

Human or human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or an alien.

Humans or the so called homo sapiens, r highly intelligent primates that have become the dominant species on earth. The only extant members of the sub tribe hominia, r terrestial animals.

The following r the things that makes humans special:

  • Speech

  • Upright Posture

  • Nakedness

  • Clothing

  • Extra Ordinary Brains

  • Hands

  • Fire

  • Blushing

  • Long Childhoods

  • Life after Children

The following r the types of humans or the evolution of man:

  • Homo Habilis also known as Handy Man

  • Homo Erectus or Upright Man

  • Homo Neanderthalensis- The Neanderthal

  • The Denisovans

  • Homo Floresiensis or The Hobbit

  • Homo Naledi also known as Star Man

  • Homo Sapiens or the so called Wise Man or Modern Humans

Humans r God's favorite n loved n u can read n see it on the Bible, in John 3:16, it tell there how much God loves us.

He made us almost complete or almost perfect n the one He made to lead n guide n protect n cherish the other creations He made.

He gave us knowledge, free will n understanding n patience n love too that's far different from His other creations.

Humans have feelings n know how care, how to love n also know how to appreciate things n that's how it's different n unique to the other God's creations.

P.S., just saw this one awhile ago n will just share it here when i published this article on Life Lessons Community

There's no points on Friday n The Random Rewarder Bot will take over n good luck to all of us n try to do n write n publish n share good, informative n helpful article here on n all our questions will be answered this friday n we will know how would it feels like to have no points n just The Random Rewarder Bot's taking charge here on n it starts now on our time as it's already friday in the morning here already in the Philippines

This is Bheng, saying, good morning n good night n will call it a night n give in to sleep again, as it's calling me again, lol, have a good day to all, God bless n remember n smile for God loves us n tomorrow again n it seems like it's going to rain here again, lol

P.S. the last 2 photos r taken or uploaded from Google :)

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Written by   536
1 year ago
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No god love all the creature equal

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1 year ago

Yes, God does

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1 year ago

Human is superior to all other Creatures of Allah ... He Loves him more than 90 mother's love

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1 year ago

Yes, God does loves us more than we could ever imagine or think

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1 year ago

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1 year ago